Wish I could say the numbers on the scale this morning were a surprise…but I can’t.


What a weekend I had!

It was crazy busy and on the go and my weekend eating didn’t get off to the greatest start.

I went to Ft. Worth for my sister’s B Day dinner on Friday.


Saturday I went to my 3 nieces cheer competition. It was an all day affair.


I can’t imagine having more than one girl and having to get them all ready!


My nieces are seriously some awesome little tumblers!


This is what dad’s do at cheer comps:


Craigslist. Ha!

This is what’s my niece’s dad does at cheer comps:


Ha! In his defense.. There was a lot of waiting!

Fun crazy fact:


This is a pic a parent on my niece’s cheer team tagged my sista in. Her grandparents and our grandparents just so happened to be good friends back in the day in TEHRAN! Isn’t it a crazy small world world?!

We got there at 11 am and I left at 6. We only left once for about an hour for lunch.

We always have fun!

Didn’t count cals this weekend bc I was out and about and it’s hard to know what the calories are when you grab random stuff.

I got back to East Texas about 8 pm & headed straight to my friend’s house to set up for her Housewarming party since it was after church on Sunday.

I didn’t get home until midnight bc we were decorating & catching up.

Sunday morning church was great & the message was awesome!

We have a great youth group at our church… I love to see them all at the alter praying.


After church, Daynie & I headed to pick up the cake & grab last min stuff before we headed to the party to finish set up.


The party went fab!


I had a lot of decorations and party plates ect left from my sister n laws housewarming party (a lata post you can see here) so I decided to go with the same colors.


I had a fabulous group of ladies help me host!




After the party we headed back to church where we wrapped up the video series. I figured out that there was movie made a few years back so I ordered it on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch it! Very inspiring!

So that was my weekend.. Today I’m back at the diet & watching the cals!




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