Yippie Ki Yaaaayuh!


Hellz to the Yaaay!

Today is a monumental day in my diet drama life weight loss journey…

Today I got under 230!


The last time I was under 230 I was equally excited. It was 3 years ago when I lost weight weight doing a no carb diet. Last time the mid-220’s lasted a few weeks before I started packing back on the ELL BEE’s. The reason it’s such a milestone is besides that brief stint 3 years ago.. I haven’t been able to make it under 230 since before I had Daynie!

So today was pretty epic!

Y’all see I finally got muh toes did too!

I have been taking scale pics (almost) everyday…food diary & countin cals… Ummm Not so much… But hey.. I’m a busy girl!


Can’t tame this awesome!


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