Why I love My Fitness Pal

Everyone & their mamma has said for like ever, that if you want to really lose weight..you need to write down every single thing that goes into your mouth  & I’m pretty sure that it’s been proven in like a million studies. or something like that.

Thanks to a friend..I found this app that is the bomb diggity of all weight loss apps!


It is easily accessible & convenient…not like the good not so good old days when it was this…


Unlike a post it note or a journal, we’re never without our phones, so it’s easy to log your calories. And it’s fun!
You can add friends and they can watch your progress & encourage you and vice versa.

You record your weight and it automatically calculates your daily calories.
Logging your food is really easy.
You just select whatever meal you are logging

It has a list of your previously logged foods. .

You can either pick from the list, search for a food, or select the little barcode by the search box to scan your item.

Can it get any easier?

When you select your food, you can change the serving amount.

Once a food is logged..it automatically deducts it from your calorie bank.

It’s quick and it’s easy.

We did weight watchers back in January and you had to have two different apps.. One to log food and one to scan items. The back and forth was annoying. And more than half the time it froze up.

My Fitness Pal as a huge database of food. And everything I have ever scanned comes right up. With WW I got a lot of item not found.

Keeping up with calories as opposed to points just works better for me.

Love the charts too that let you know just what you’ve put inside your body today and areas where you went over/under.


You can also log in online and view/update your diary.

And THE BEST PART of My Fitness Pal???


So grab you phone & download that app!

B/c My Fitness Pal ROCKS!

& it’s totally helped me!


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