It’s a sad day for my reality show addiction.


How could this happen? I was pretty shocked when I heard that Hank cheated on Kendra.


And I pretty much didn’t believe it when I heard it was with…whatever this is…




I mean REALLLLLY?!?! Hank?


And then your dumb ass confirmed it and that you were lying by leaving the voicemail. Ummm…he/she told on you that you cheated with it…you thought it wouldn’t bust you out for leaving that voicemail? Hello…are you new to Hollywood?


For a hot minute it looked like Kendra was pulling a Tori & sticking by her cheating man.


But now…DISH NATION is reporting that she has finally dumped him.


Good for you Kendra! Bad for reality show loving American’s who still aren’t over Nick & Jessica.


And bad for all of us that think Hank & Kendra make the most gorgeous little mixed babies on the planet!



The reality show curse strikes again!


Speaking of the reality show curse…I found this little gem of an entry when I signed into my old BookFace awhile back….I wonder how many more couple we can add to the list since 2009! Unfortunately…I know of at least one more 🙁  Boo..Hank & Kendra. Boo. Are Sharon & Ozzy still together? It’s a bit funny to see how old this post was by the shows I watched. LOL…ASHLEE SIMPSON??? HAHAHAHAHA!

I guess you could say Facebook notes was kinda like my “blog” back in the day…


June 19, 2009 at 3:51pm

The Reality Show Curse
I am SO very upset by the split of Jon & Kate. I loved their show b/c they were so real. They didn’t sugar coat it for the cameras. But I guess…it really still is so real. Because divorce seems to be the norm. these days. I’m not even sure why divorce is an option in marriage. It shouldn’t be. Otherwise…what is the point of getting married in the first place?

Why can’t they do the right thing for their children and theirselves and STOP doing this reality show that has obviously changed them..and use their time & new money to put all the pieces back together? It breaks my heart!

I really still haven’t gotten over Nick & Jessica!

All I know is I def believe in the reality show curse. And I hope & pray that it doesn’t happen to Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar off of 18 kids and counting. Or to Josh & Anna, their oldest son & his new bride. Because then…I will be most absolutely without a doubt certain it’s the reality show curse!. For a couple and family so grounded in their faith & marriage…they are the LAST couple I would ever expect. So I pray that the reality show curse is NOT real. Because I def love these family based reality shows and like watching them…but don’t want anything to happen to them!

I LOVE Jon & Kate Plus 8 and hate this for them. And as much as I love the show…I wish they would quit doing it & save their family.

Just FYI…a list of couples doomed by the reality show curse:

1. Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson- Newlyweds
2. Paris Hilton & Nicole Richey- The Simple Life (lol friends count!)
3. Jon & Kate Gosselin- Jon & Kate Plus 8
4. Hulk & Linda Hogan- Hogan Knows Best
5. Travis Barker & Shana Maokler- Meet the Barkers
6. Ashlee Simpson & Josh Henderson AND Ryan Cabrerra- The Ashlee Simpson Show
7. Kathy Griffin & Matt Maline- My Life on the D List
8. Brittany Spears & Kevin Federline- Chaotic
9. Dave Navarro & Carmen Electra -Til Death Do Us Part
10. Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston- Being Bobby Brown
11. Danny Bonaduce & Gretchen Hilmer- Breaking Bonaduce
12. Liza Mennellie & David Gest- Filmed ONE episode and they split
13. Bridgette Nielson & Flava Flav- Surreal Life & Strange Love
14. HUGH HEFFNER & Kendra & Bridgette & HOLLY- The Girls Next Door
And I soooo can not name off all the other Bachelor & that crap..

And no..I do not watch all these shows. Just some that I know of. The only ones I watched were Newlyweds, The Simple Life, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Hogan Knows Best, The Ashlee Simpson Show, a little of Chaotic, and The Girls Next Door (Before I moved to stupid Kilgore who has stupid cable that is stupid & doesn’t carry the best channel ever E!)

And…the ONLY couple so thus far survive reality tv….??? Sharon & Ozzy. Go figure.


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