Weight. What?! Wednesday.

Weight what wednesday


Sooo…I’ve decided to start my own little Wednesday Weigh-In to help keep me accountable. I call it Weight. What?! Wednesday. As in…what I say every damn day no matter what the scale says. If it’s down..I’m like Wait..what?! Yeah Baby! But if it’s up…Wait What?! WTF Eff you scale!

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately…but Jan 1…like every other human on the planet…I did start my “get my shit together for real this time” resolutions and started dieting again.

I am TRYING to change the way I & my humans in my home eat…from something fried & caloric heaven…to more…healthy. Obviously that doesn’t always go as planned. BUT we keep trying.


Jan 1 is like a magic reset button! The whole world uses it too. So…because I love me a good bandwagon…I jumped right on & decided that was my day to reset my habits.

I wanted to start out getting in the groove by only eating high protein, low/no carb, no sugar stuff. Meat & eggs ya know.  And that was my plan.


Jan 1, 2014-Wed




I can’t say I was shocked that the scale is UP. But that only makes for a better starting point to go down right?

January 2-Thur


January 3-Fri



Jan 4-Sat



Jan 5-Sun

photo (1)


Jan 6-Mon



Jan 7-Tues

photo (2)


Jan 8-Wed



Jan 9-Thur


As you can see for the 1st 10 days I did really good..stuck with it & it SLOWLY (oh mother of God freakin slowly) crept down….then…it stalled.

Jan 10-Fri



Jan 11-Sat


For 2 days…This is where I curse the existence of the scale…it’s a love hate relationship really. I love it when it’s kind to me & hate it when it’s not. Funny how that works.


So..here’s how it took a turn for the worse. My friend called. Now..I’m not saying it’s her fault. But…




She actually tried to persuade me not to break my diet…but MAN I NEEDED A DANG MARGARITA.

And it was just what the doctor ordered.

I had a glorious meal at Cheddars full of CARBS, appetizers,  a Texas Margarita, & girl talk.



And. It. Was. HEAVEN.

And then…Sunday happened.

The walk of shame to the scale….


Jan 12-Sun


TWO EFFIN POUNDS….from ONE meal & ONE margarita! Ain’t that a bitch.

So…what’s a girl to do…but jump RIGHT BACK ON THAT DIET. New day, new attitude, new choices.



This bitch went to Olive Garden.


Jan 13-Mon



Jan 14-Tues

photo (3)

As you can see…Mon & Tues may or may not have been a wash too.

That just goes to show how hard it is to get back into the game when you get off track.

Since then…I’ve been trying to eat healthier. I have been indulging in a little carbs here & there…but not all in like the weekend.

Jan 15-Wed

photo (5)


The scale was a little nicer to me this morning. It sucks having to lose the same pounds over again.



Seriously stupid side note- when I was on The Google to find an image for the quote above..I found myself. Saying it. I guess I need to take my own advice.

I’m sooo much better at being bossy though 😉

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5 thoughts on “Weight. What?! Wednesday.

  1. Found your Blog through Val over at Fab. Chick gets Fit. I love the Weight. What?! Wednesday. Is is a link up where we post weight? Maybe it is the motivation I need to publish the # so it can go down..lol.

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