Weight. What?! Wednesday. & what we’ve been up to…

Weight what wednesday


So…here it is…




Yeah I know..don’t even say it.

I almost just posted that I was too busy to do the weigh in today b/c I know that the scale is going the wrong way…but I decided to just be honest with ya’ll instead.


Life is busy right now & that number is just not at the top of the list. My head totally isn’t in the game. The struggle is real. I know that there are a lot of people out there JUST. LIKE. ME.

You may have seen me here on the IG:

Don’t let me fool you. This is me.

If you look close at the gym pic you can see Daynie running the track. I sat the side line. And the next time I sat in the car & slept. I know..I know…LOSER. My excuse: I’ve been up late everynight doing party stuff.


Oh shut up motivational quote. This is real life here.

Oh yeah…& I’m also a #jmdvdchallenge DROUPOUT.

It was a good 10 day run. But when I got too busy & started missing workouts…I felt like I missed to many to get back in to it.

It is what it is…hopefully after Daynie muffin’s Big B-Day this weekend I can get my shit together and get back to losing some fluff.



Hopefully I will lose all my excuses next week. But I’m ganna be up front with ya’ll RIGHT NOW….Saturday night…it is PARTAYYYYY TIME! And you betta believe Imma stuff my face with ALL THE PIZZA & ALL THE CAKE!

Speaking of that birthday bash…I literally decided to have a party for her birthday 8 days ago at 11pm laying in bed browsing Pinterest. So…that gave me a week and a half to plan & execute a lavish affair! Usually I start planning parties months in advance!

So basically…that’s where I’ve been. Planning. Shopping. Cutting. Glittering.


I’m stoked about how this party is coming together! I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll on the blog next week! Stay tuned to IG for some sneek peaks!

Last night me & the kids hit up this in support of an awesome family that we love:

The Sweets are one of my favorite families. Like for real. You will not find a better dad than Nick. And Leanne is one of the hardest working, coolest chicks I know. Leanne was recently diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. She had surgery to remove it and had some complications as a result…plus once they got it out they found out it was Gloiblastoma. She’s 33. For more info & to donate…CLICK HERE. Please remember this sweet family in your prayers.

The kiddos had a blast!


G was especially happy to see his #1 since they were 18 months:

Two cool guys & double the trouble!

And as always..we are at the gym ALL. THE. TIME.

We are there 3 nights a week but they recently added Saturday & Sunday. Add to that Daynie having twirling 3 times a week too. We are NEVER home!



There is NO internet/cell service at the gym..the building blocks it all…you have to walk outside to send a text…so I can’t get much blogging or anything done there. This week I’ve been getting party stuff done while they are at gym.



I’m working on a post about Daynie’s journey to make the gymnastics team. I am SO SO SO PROUD of that sweet girl!

When we aren’t at work/school, gym, or twirling…Daynie tries to catch a minute to do some practicing!

So…I’d love to here about your week! Link up a post or comment!



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7 thoughts on “Weight. What?! Wednesday. & what we’ve been up to…

  1. Try the reverse racism diet (I coined the name so don’t look that shit up). No white bread, rice, sugar, or potatoes. Sounds hard at first but you lose weight fast! And that stuff is toxic anyway.

    I can’t help you on the exercise front. I’m like, “It’s raining. I can’t possibly do Jillian Michaels when it’s raining.”

    “It’s a sunshiny day! I can’t possibly waste it on that bitch.”

  2. Way to go for staying accountable! You dont have to wait til the weekend though to get back on track. Just keep eating healthy and let yourself have your cheat meal on the weekend. (cheat MEAL not day). I know I know I know, easier said than done right… But you can’t out-exercise a bad diet! So even if you don’t have time to exercise you can still make good food choices and see progress. One day at a time…

    • That is so true but also my biggest struggle! I need to learn to keep it to ONE cheat meal. I read somewhere…if you got a flat tire would you go ahead & slash the other three? Then why mess up your whole day/week because you had one bad meal?

  3. I do believe that a week off to plan an epic birthday party is completely acceptable. And wanted to say thanks for the GC – you didn’t have to do that, but I appreciate it!!

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