Weight. What?! Wednesday.



Well well Wednesday…so we meet again.

photo (9)

Meh…ya know.

I’m happy that it is down 1.6 from last Wednesday..but a little sad that it is up a 0.6 from yesterday. And I may or may not have moved the scale to 17 different locations in the bathroom and leaned 12 different ways just trying to maybe make it show the 216.4 if showed yesterday. Just maybe though.

But hey…it’s my own fault. I was trucking along doing quite well thank you very much..& then this happened:


ALL THE FOOD & ALL THE SODIUM…I just knew I would be up 2 lbs this morning! Thank you little baby Jesus it was only about 1/2 a pound!

It SHO was good though! Thanks to my husband for taking the fam out! I think he wanted to do something to get Daynie’s mind off this:

photo_1 (3)


She got her expander in yesterday! AND…it was quite the dramatic process! Any moms of 9 year old drama queens out there that can sympathize?

photo_2 (3)

Poor baby really couldn’t eat yesterday…but she loved to sip that soup!

photo (10)

I find it a bit ironic that I was chowing down on a the above yesterday when my clean eating post went live. Haha!

Obviously ya’ll if I could stick to a 100% clean diet my scale would be going down a lot faster!

Dontcha just hate when you see something & that’s it BAM you crave it until you get it?? Yesterday, when I picked my kid’s up some lunch at Subway I saw that cookie AND I KNEW….that was it…either go ahead & give in and get that damn cookie or spend two weeks thinking about that cookie.

So you know what?

Oh wait..you already know…I bought the dang cookie.

But what you don’t know is…it wasn’t even that good. I ate half & trashed the rest.

And there ya go. Craving satisfied so I don’t UHBSESSSSS over it for all the dayzzz…but really didn’t even crash my whole diet either.

Gotta get that balance people.

I’m obviously a work in progress.

Trial & error baby.

How do you balance your cravings?

Link up Ladies!

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