Weight. What?! Wednesday.



Just a quick little check in…ya know for accountability!

Very happy to report this:



218.6…I’ll TAKE IT!

What?! What?!


Especially after a no go on the healthy eating through the weekend. Friday kicked that off with a Margarita Meeting…then it just carried over into the whole weekend of crazy go go go for twirl, work, & gymnastics. But..I got back on track Monday and so..I’m pleased with the number.


One of my fav blogstars, Holly, did a post on The Next Five Pounds that really got me to thinking about my own struggles & setbacks. Sometimes I am so focused on the large amount of weight I still need to lose that I feel defeated & give up. I really need to learn to set small goals. Focusing on five pounds at a time is a good start. Except five isn’t really one of my fav numbers…so I’m going to go with 7.


What have you found that helps you reach your goals & keep you motivated?


Link up ladies!


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4 thoughts on “Weight. What?! Wednesday.

  1. Great job! What I do to keep myself motivated is reward myself each time I hit a weight loss goal. It doesn’t have to be a big reward but just something to look forward to and that says, “Hey, good job lady!”

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