Weight. What?! Wednesday…



Oh ya’ll…guess what! I finally got my head on right & got this weight loss going again!

Sunday night I posted this on my IG…

It just really got me to thinking…I have wasted SO MUCH TIME! Look at what my baby girl has accomplished in 5 MONTHS…and what have I done during that time?

So Monday I woke up & weighed? Can’t say I was like….weight….what?!…because I totally knew where that scale was going to stop.

I’m just glad it wasn’t more!

Monday, Feb 10:


(Obvi a pedi is wayyy overdue!)

So I made a decision (yet again) to start that day eating right.

Tuesday morning I was rewarded 🙂



And this morning…..


and this morning I WAS like…weight. what?!…yeah baby!

I’m glad to finally get back on track. It is SUCH a mental game! Everyday I have to pump myself up to eat right & make good choices. Maybe one day it will be second nature to me..but today ain’t that day.


So link up ladies…let’s encourage each other!





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