Wait. What?! It’s Wednesday?

Oh…it is Wednesday already??

I almost forgot until I saw the Humpday posts flooding my IG feed.

reaction Liz-lemon-eye-roll-gif


Seriously ya’ll….even the camel is over that damn joke.



OR…he could just look like that because Miley violated him.



Whatevs…either way…the ridiculous amount of Hump Day crap reminded me that it is in fact…Weight. What?! Wednesday.


Womp. Wooomp.


Obviously this is not going as planned. I feel like a loser when I have to post my weight & it’s higher than the previous week…AND OF COURSE…that is the whole point of Weight. What?! Wednesday….to make myself accountable and know that I am posting it on the blog…. therefore make me stay in check….except it really doesn’t.

Because..well…although I usually start every other day out with good intentions…


Life throws me vomit & laundry…

and add to that being stuck in the house all day..with the perfect ingredients to make the perfect sandwich just taunting me…


And DAMN, just DAMN…I really need that greasy, cheesy, mayonaissey, goodness to deal.

In fact…I would say…I deserve it!

Except people…the problem is that is my life everyday.

One healthy meal…17 bad meals.

I blame it on Eve...

I blame it on Eve…

Good intentions…no follow through.

One revelation…25 excuses.

photo_1 (1)


I have tried to make small changes and have stuck with a few…like no soft drinks…and…uh…ok well that’s really it.  Everything else I keep slipping back into old habits.


photo_3 (1)


Ha…maybe I need to take my own advice! Well…my goal is always the same…and I will always keep trying to reach it…but I for sure need to come up  with some better methods because what I’m doing is obviously not working.

So…tell me…how do you stay motivated through the tough times when you just want to quit?

In other big news…

Frozen came out on DVD yesterday!

Just in case you live under a rock & didn’t know.

Because OMG obviously you’re the only one that ran out & bought the movie. I’m pretty sure every daggum person in America had Frozen on the tv yesterday. I even ordered it for my sick kid off PPV….but guess what….I didn’t POST it…GASP!!! #Bandwagonmuch?


In other fun news…in between loads of laundry and disinfecting EVERYTHING…I found funnies to text muh man.

photo_1 (2)


photo (3)


Maybe these were just funny to us considering my husbands obsession with Craigslist & our ongoing debate about  Bigfoot’s existence.

When I came across this I just got a little creeped out…

photo (2)


Haha! Maybe I should take it as a sign to suck it up & quit being a baby about this diet thing!



Is being fat really all that bad anyway?

photo_2 (1)


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