Umm yeah..& a revelation…

Day 6. Sept 6.

Today wasn’t SUCH a bad day. I stayed under my calorie goal. Ate halfway healthy…then in the afternoon/ evening…a gave way to some desserts. You can’t see it b/c snacks are at the bottom & I couldn’t fit it in the screen shot. BUT it was two Mrs. Fields bite Size Nibblers cookies-100 cal for both. & then I don’t really remember..but but I might or might not have gorged on some Little Debbie’s late that night. Those would not have been logged. So maybe I did go over my calories.


I think it’s that slippery slope for me that gets me on the wrong track. It’s like…well…I did this ONE bad thing…so might as well just eat whatever & start over. And then…the start over comes days later. So I end of losing & regaining & losing the same 5-10 lbs over & over & over again. Vicious cycle.

Plus..I think I’m in a screw it frame of mind when I’m emotionally drained. Me & Danny had some words (or lack thereof), work seems to overwhelm & stress me, my kids love to push me over the edge, & I’m just dealing with a lot in general…add starting my period PLUS a sinus infection…the perfect storm…so by Fri. I was over it.

PLUS…it doesn’t help when your husband (who has only been dieting & logging food for a total of 5 days btw) is all….I’ve already lost 9 lbs! You know what…why don’t you shut your face buddy! 7,8,9, & 10..were a total bust. I didn’t weigh myself.  I didn’t even bother to log any food into My Fitness Pal. AND THAT is no no #1. If I’m not logging yo face accountability…it can’t help.

Monday the 10th I went to the doc. Got some big time heavy duty antibiotic & steroid shots & oral meds. The scale at the doc wasn’t much of a shock..but it was sad. Not as sad as seeing my reflection in the mirror in the exam room. It’s not often you get a glimpse of yourself sitting. You are always standing in the bathroom mirror..or standing in front of a full length to check out your outfit. But I was sitting. It’s just weird. Like it’s not me ya know. I just don’t recognize that person.

I was feeling so much better Tues when I woke up.

I did do some reading over the weekend from our Bible Study book Unglued. A few things really resonated with me.

Lisa TerKeurst says in her book Unglued: “Sometimes we girls think if we don’t make instant progress, then real change isn’t coming. But that’s not so. There is a beautiful reality called imperfect progress.”

She goes on to say..

“Progress. Just make progress. It’s okay to have setbacks and the need for do-overs. It’s okay to draw a line in the sand and start over again-and again. Just make sure you’re moving the line forward. Move forward. Take baby steps, but at least take steps that will keep you  from being stuck. Then change will come. And it will be good.”


Talk about hitting me with a ton of bricks.

My whole life has been a diet. My whole life I have felt like a failure when it comes to dieting. I feel like everytime I mess up…I’ve failed. But her words really helped me to see that it’s ok to have setbacks….just keep going. Just make PROGRESS. Imperfect progress. 

This book is actually about making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions…you know helping you to act right in those moments when you are about to come Unglued. But so much of it can apply to other aspects of your life. Right now…it’s really hitting home with this weight loss stuff.

Day 11. Sept 11.

Today…I begin again. It sucks to have to start over…b/c when I was slipping out of good eating habits…I gained some LB’s back. So then I just have to RE-lose them. I’m up 1.4 lb from my weigh in last Thursday (the 6th).


But I kept my head in the game today & really held myself accountable by logging my food. I am SO ready to do this 3 day protein only thing this time & really jump start my weight loss so I can see some results fast.

My lunch.



I even stayed under my calories!

No sweets! No carbs! No cheating!

And in the morning…it paid off!

Day 12. Sept 12.

Down 1.4 lbs! Heck yeah!


I did really well on my diet &  staying under my calories!


This was my lunch…


and it payed off! B/c:

Day 13. Sept 13.


Down another 1.6 lbs!

Danny made breakfast..


I’m back on a roll & excited to see what the scale says tomorrow on Day 14!

I know it can be hard to follow while I’m not actually posting my weight…but here’s a recap.  I’ve basically lost & gained & now losing the same five pounds again.

So let’s just say (cuz it is) we started off with the last digit of 5.  My weight ##5 lbs

  • Day 1.   Sept 1:    ##5.0      Begin Diet
  • Day 2.   Sept 2:    ##3.6      Down 1.4 lbs from yesterday.             1.4 lb total lost
  • Day 3.   Sept 3:    ##1.0      Down 2.6 lbs. from yesterday.            4.0 lb total lost
  • Day 4.   Sept 4:    ##0.8      Down .2 lbs from yesterday.               4.2 lb total lost
  • Day 5:   Sept 5:    ##9.8       Down 1 lb from yesterday.                 5.2 lb total lost
  • Day 6.   Sept 6:    ##1.0       Up 1.2 lb from yesteday.                    4.0 lb total lost
  • Day 7.   Sept 7:    —
  • Day 8.   Sept 8:    —
  • Day 9.   Sept 9:    —
  • Day 10. Sept 10:  —
  • Day 11. Sept 11:  ##2.4      Up 1.4 lb from day 6.                           2.6 lb total lost
  • Day 12. Sept 12:  ##1.0      Down 1.4 lb from yesterday                4 lb total lost
  • Day 13. Sept 13:  ##9.4      Down 1.6 lb from yesterday                5.6 lb total lost

It’s not what a perfect diet weight loss looks like. It’s realistic ya’ll. It’s my struggle. Keepin it real. And at least it’s progress.  Imperfect Progress.

I will do a separate post with this running total & you can revisit it each day to see where I’m at by going to the menu bar at the top of my blog & it will be listed in the drop down menu under Project: No Mo Fat Ass. The title: Imperfect Progress…

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