Today is the first day of the rest of my life…

Today is the first day…of the rest of MY LIFE…


J/K..I’m just starting another freakin diet today.

So..I’m serious this time..


Okay Okay…it’s just another go at the life long battle of misery.

I go through stages where I’m pretty much:

And end up:

Since I’m pretty sure this is never going to happen…

I decided to get serious this time. I’m starting right now.


Today is Saturday.


That has gotta be the hardest day of the week to start a diet! Isn’t their like a law that says all diets must start on a Monday? Well..I’ve started diets on about 731 Mondays already. So Mondays are out for me. I’m kicking the “I’ll start my diet Monday” habit to the curb! Adios! So…Saturday it is.

Today. Right now.

The thing that has been easiest for me, well not easy by any means, but easiER than all the other yo-yo B.S. is a diet sort of like the Atkins diet but in a more Healthy Figures style minus the kick ass shots & script.

I’m doing this cold turkey ya’ll!

Jumping right in there after a lifelong bing-fest and cutting out allll the yum yums.

3 days of pure protein. 3 days of I hope I never see another egg for the rest of my life!

On the 4th day I can add a list of veggies that I’ve never heard of and will never ever eat. beans & taco salads for me it is!

Actually…after about a pretty much get used to it. If you can get through the 1st three’re prob good to go. The less you eat of carbs & sugar..the less your body craves it.

For me it’s mostly mental. I seriously have like a tug-of-war struggle in my head.

Every. Single. Day.

Every. Single. Situation.

It’s time I get my head in the game.

Get a plan & stick to it.

Change my eating habits. Lifestyle. Change my families eating habits.

I have done this diet before…and lost about 45 LB’s. In a pretty short amount of time. That’s why I like it..b/c I see IN YO FACE results…right away. & the LB’s just keep coming off steady…and that motivates me. I can’t do the 1-2 pounds a week. Eff that! I need some results!

Once I got off of the diet though…I just gained it all back. FAST.

So..this time..I want to work really hard to not fall of the wagon. To RE-TRAIN muh brain.

Learn to eat, cook, be HEALTHY.

The things I’m going to do different:

#1 BLOG about it. Yes..I’m going to PUT IT ALL OUT THERE. hopefully this will hold me accountable.

#2 Keep track of my food & calories with My Fitness app. hopefully this will hold me accountable AND aware.

#3 Work OUT!

So…here I go! Wish me luck!

One last look back…


Last night’s feast of supa yum yum. Adios.

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