Today. I am color blocking. You’re welcome.

photo (2)

Today. I am color blocking.

Have you heard of it?

Me niether…until Skinny Meg & Laura enlightened me.

I guess I’ve seen it before. But I didn’t really know it was a thing. Ya know…like with a name.

But today…I’m totallllly jumpin on that train!

Oh & yes. Yes I am wearing one of Daynie’s head bands! I’m trying to be one of those cute girls that makes me jelly with her cuteness that can pull off anything.

photo (6)

Muh sista got me the blue sweater for Christmas…and I am now able to fit it without lookin like a roly poly.

So…the thing that is great & sucks all at the same time about losing weight…is:


It’s great when you start losing & can fit in clothes you couldn’t fit into IN LIKE FO EVAAAA.  But then…it sucks because then you CAN’T fit in clothes that you’ve been fittin in FO LIKE EVAAA.

And you gotta get rid of your FAVVVVV shirt.

It’s bitter sweet really.

This is my closet before I cleaned out the clothes that were to big. Obvs the right is my side.



I chunked 21 pair of pants & 25 shirts that were too big. It felt great. And it felt wrong.

It feels good to be in smaller clothes that fit better & look better. But it sucks to have to get rid of soooo many clothes that are now too big. Feels so wasteful. I used to keep them when I’d lose a little. Ya know…move them to the fat section of the closet for if I gained weight back. JUST IN CASE. 

Well….NOT NO MO.

I refuse to keep them. I refuse to let myself fit into them again.

The jeans I’m wearing today…I’ve had for about 8 years.  I would say I’ve been in and out of these jeans with my crazy weight fluctuation about 3 or 4 times in that 8 years.

Up & Down. Up & Down.

Like a damn YO YO.

Not no mo

I’m happy happy happy that I’m in them again.

And I’m happy happy happy that they are a little loose even.


I will be even more happy happy happy when I am out of them for the last time.

When they are too big for me this time….out the door they go.

Buh Bye

Just like all the 20 & 22’s I just ejected from my closet!

NO MO fat section of the closet. NO MO sections at all!

I want to get healthy & STAY THAT SIZE!

Get healthy

Here’s my closet after:



Everything that is left is alll size 18. So when I drop down another size…I will have a buttload of clothes to chunk. Which sucks because I see $$$. But then I should be excited because that means SHOPPING!!  AND looking & feeling better.

So I’m conflicted really.

and excited.

Oh & for your further enjoyment…a teenager style collage of moi! (bc I wasn’t sure if there were enough selfies of me in this post or not)

photo (4)

Complete with duck face.

You’re welcome.

ps- sorry I didn’t take these in front of the mirror in the bathroom in true teenage fashion…I’ve got to maintain some level of sophistication people.



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