Today I actually started something.

Today I started running.

Or shall I say… My attempt at beginning to work up to running.

It was more like a brisk walk with a little bounce and a lotta jiggle.

But at least it was something!


I downloaded Couch to 5K on my phone a long while back.


Tonight I actually used it for the first time.


I haven’t run in about 15 years folks. Like seriously. And I wouldn’t say I ran tonight. Like I said more of a jiggly half jog. And I couldn’t even make it through a whole sixty second jog time.

But ya know… I’m good with it.

Because numba one: it’s a start.

And numba two: I got my lazy fat ass off the couch and did something.

And for those two reasons.. I feel all good & tingly inside. Accomplished.

On. My. Way.

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4 thoughts on “Today I actually started something.

  1. I am signed up for our local 5k color run. I had no idea there was an app for that! Thanks! I’m going to give it a shot next week.

  2. Be proud of that!!! You have to start somewhere! When I began my weight loss journey I weighed 220, and I started running too. After one year of healthy eating and exercise I weighed 142 and got pregnant with #2 lol needless to say, I gained every pound back that I had lost and am back to 180, 40 to go…. But I have found of I don’t run, I don’t lose.

    Keep it up chica, you are motivating to me too!!!!!


    • That’s awesome! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to! Thanks for commenting! it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a struggle. It’s even nicer to know there’s hope!

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