This scale BETTA recognize!

Wed Jan 23


My silver scale’s batteries are dead…so I’ve been using my black one. They’ve always been pretty close.

But the black one bugs me. It seriously feels like it picks a number and sticks with it until it decides to make a jump.

Like the silver one will be different up or down within a pound every few days. Like for example say you really are not losing for three days.. But at least it would be up or down by less than a pound during that time. Like Mon-138.6 Tues-139.1 Wed-138.8 Thur-137.2

But my black scale…she’s a lying little B! She would be all …Mon-138.6 Tues-138.6. Wed-138.6 Thur-137.2
There is no way anyone weighs EXACTLY the same everyday.

I swear.. If that Black B says 234.8 tomorrow I’m ganna throw it out the back door and hope the dog next door takes a dump on it. and then make Danny pick it up and throw it away as punishment for not changing the battery in my silver scale yet.

And yes… I did just write a whole boo hoo diet drama explanation on the feeling I have for my scales. ..with a raunchy ending. You’re welcome.

Now to further your reading pleasure… I present.. Today’s food diary:


Here’s a trick I’ve learned to help me…


Cut it up. No matter what it is..chop it into little bitty pieces and eat them one at a time as slow as you can.

It’s obviously easy to pop 6 chicken nuggs in ya mouth pretty quick like… But then you don’t really feel satisfied like you’ve eaten a meal. You feel more like you just inhaled a snack.

I can pop in one nugg & eat in a bite. Then in just six bites my meal is gone and I feel jipped!

But if you chop that shit up and drag out the whole process.. It seriously makes you feel more satisfied. And eating slow helps you to feel full.

I can get about 6 bites out of one nuggy. Times 6 nuggy’s. I’ve just had 36 bites of food. And obviously 36 bites takes a lot longer than 6 would. And taking 36 bites makes you feel like you’ve eaten more.

I’m so for real on this. It works. Try it a few days and see how your mind and body are changed in the eating process.

Moving right along..

Kept to the cals today.


Yes I log condiments. Those are calories too. I also measure out my milk and cereal. Gotta to keep serving sizes accurate.

I had 195 cals left about 8:30 when I got home from Bible study. I had a sweet tooth and was on the prowl for a dessert fix.



The trick is.. Portion control. I scanned the package with MFP app on my phone & ate the serving size of 3 cookies which is 160 cals.

The biggest thing I’m tryin to RE-train muh brain about is portion size.

Chocolate chip cookies are ok in moderation.

We will see if that black B agrees in the a.m.

She betta or else!

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