The “L” Word

#JanBlogADay: The “L” Word

As in… my LOVE for food… Which made me commit 2 sins today.

First.. I stole.

From GOD.

Well kinda.

Technically it might not actually be considered stealing considering I bought it.

But it did feel wrong.

Let me explain muhself.


I bought these six boxes of cookies to donate to the church for a youth event our church is hosting this weekend.

And the 5 minute ride from the store to the church proved that I have absolutely no self control.

Out of 72 cookies… I didn’t figure they would miss just one.

And OMG that was the best 240 calories of Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie cookie EVA.

Which coincidentally brings me to my second sin…gluttony.

The day started out innocently enough.


I was doing good and I obviously didn’t need that cookie. But once my taste buds indulged in that flavorful goodness… That was it.

After all week of countin the cals and trying to “be good” all hell broke loose in the world of Nina with that 240 calorie of delight and the rest of the day was an over-indulgence of pure gluttony.

And so… On the way outta town this afternoon… There was this:


And about 8 this evening there was this:


So I didn’t actually eat all that. Just about an eighth of the food… Even though it was Sooo flipping good and one bite of the tiramisu bc it was pretty rich. I did however finish all my wine bc…you just don’t waste good wine! A $27 plate of food? If you must. A $10 glass of Heaven? Absolutely not!

In my defense.. It was muh sista’s 40th B-Day dinner…& something tells me it wouldn’t be exactly classy to ask the waiter at an upscale establishment to nuke my Lean Cuisine so I can log my calories.

Not that I had any intention of logging my calories because after my “snacks” I only had two left anyway!


But hey.. Tomorrow’s another day!

Happy B Day muh sista!


I hope the scale is as forgiving tomorrow as it was today…especially after all the chit I’ve been talking about it.


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3 thoughts on “The “L” Word

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  2. Hahaha I love this post. I counted calories pretty obsessively for many two weeks sometime last year. But there were those days… Ohhhhh those days where I would have a banana for breakfast. But by 11 am, I needed something. Anything. The chocolate bar in my colleague’s desk. Then why not go for lunch… and get chicken curry! And Angela shouldn’t have brought that stupid chocolate cake in for her birthday because I wouldn’t have to have three pieces at 3pm. Can’t cancel dinner reservations bc this place has the best fettuccine. And turning down dessert is rude. So hey, what do ya do.

    • haha! that sounds JUST like me! it’s like..well…already ruined the might as well dig in! and then it’s excuse after excuse!

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