The evolution of my cabinets…

When we bought our house in Sept 2009…the cabinets were ‘unfinished’ and there were no top cabinets.

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About a year later we hired a guy to install top cabinets, backsplash, & stain all the cabinets in the house. This is how far he got before he flaked out on us!


download (9)


download (10)



You can see in the pic above where he stained the doors of a bottom cabinet & it didn’t match the stain on the top cabinets!

Our cabinets remained like this for a couple of years. We didn’t really know what to do! We had gotten estimates & they were totes cray cray. PLUS most said they wouldn’t be able to get all the stains to match on all the cabinets!

In Nov 2011 we finally just got someone to paint them! I went with a distressed black instead of taking a chance on stains being crazy.


336 338 339

340 341

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005 011 026 029 034


Before & After Kitchen


Before & After bathroom

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