Thankful for friends that freak out…

So yesterday was one of those days.


I woke up with a migraine.

And then my kids…oh my kids.

They are rotton little spoiled baby brats.

The minute they wake up they feel the need to come wake me up. So we can all be awake together.



They are 7 and 9. Perfectly capable ages of grabbing some powdered donuts and turning on the Disney Channel.

But still…I got up and made sure they were fed…got their friend off that stayed the night…and then took all the meds I could get my hands on, told them to keep their little loud mouths shut, and went back to bed with an ice pack to sleep it off.



All the fighting…all the running (on the top floor above my room), all the yelling, all the tattling. All the everything except peace and effing quiet.

Finally, I give up and get up to make sure they did the 2 things I asked so that we may leave to go make the stupid stupid dumb Wal-Mart trip and go clean the offices at work.

Those little monsters. Despite repeated warnings that my head was killing me and I wasn’t in the mood….they just kept on and on and on and on and freakin on.

They wouldn’t do anything I asked. Kept on with the attitudes, whining, rolling of their dang eyes, interrupting me when I try to speak with their attitude and smart remarks straight off the Disney Channel, and ect, ect, ect.






When I had both in my face pushing me past the point of no return…it happend…


I went bat shit crazy on them.

Not just a little bat shit crazy either….a whole hell-of-a-lot bat shit crazy.

There may have been some cuss words. And jumping up and down.


I went on and on and on.


I had them both crying. Garridon actually backed away from me and ran to a corner to cry. Daynie actually stormed off without storming off.


The best part of going nutso crazy on your kids…they are on their best behavior for a little while.


The worst part…the mommy guilt.


And that sets in for me pretty quick. I don’t let them know though. I’m going to ride that crazy train until the end of the track and get some use out of their good behavior after my meltdown.

What does all this have to do with my friends that freak out??!?


As I was driving to Wal-Mart…aka HELL…I was going over in my mind my crazy little episode from earlier and feeling pretty horrible. And then..I thought about my friends and how I have witnessed  them freak out on their kids once or twice and I was suddenly flooded with thankfulness and peace.

It is important for me as a mom to know I’m not the only one that loses her shit at her kids. And it’s VERY important that my kids have witnessed these occasions and know that their friend’s moms lose their shit too.


And so…all the kids and all the moms know that they don’t suck and the world hasn’t ended. Every kid pushes their mom to that point and every mom goes there. And when the air has cleared we are all still ok. Okay with each other and okay with ourselves. The love is still there. And then…we all try to be a little better next time.

I’m just incredibly thankful for friends that are REAL. They act normal around me and my kids so that we know that they are just like us. Relatable.

Unlike those fake Facebook mom’s that try to look perfect.



You know the ones…it’s always rainbows & lollipops and positivity all the damn time.ecards1-636

That life ain’t real.


Just like I say about marriage…the more you try to sell it on Facebook…the worse it is.

So as I’m in my mommy guilt moment…I can roll my eyes at those fake Facebook moms and be thankful that I have friends that are as real as me.




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One thought on “Thankful for friends that freak out…

  1. Preach! Especially on the rainbow and unicorn marriages. I start gagging and am like, “Yeah, until you get caught burying the body.” I say if you haven’t threatened to sell your kid on the internet at least once a month you are doing something wrong.

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