Teen Mom OG…

Well well well….

My favorite guilty pleasure is back!



These are the girls that spun my reality show addiction into a full fledged obsession!



I was giddy as I set my DVR to snag the Getting to Know specials.


So let’s talk a bit about it…




First things first…thank the lort she got rid of those atrocious eye lashes & overall ghetto girlfriend style she sported in Teen Mom…but dang she forgot about the nails.

She used to be ranked right next to Jenelle for me. I cringed during her parts and blew up my Bookface news feed with statuses blasting the crazy psycho.  And now…

Well…as I said in the Being Amber special post… prison did wonders on Amber. I love that she chose to go and I love that she came out a totally different person. Amber is now tolerable on the show. I’m excited to see what she is up to in the new season. She has an amazing story to use for some good and help people….let’s see if she does.

I did cringe a bit during the scene when she flipped on her mom…but honestly…we don’t know that background there and I’m sure MTV did some fancy editing for dramatic effect. Obviously.


Although…sometimes I do wish she could regress back to her drug induced boyfriend battery for a minute to put that douche Gary in his place.





OMG…what’s not to love?!? Her & Tyler have stayed strong as the cute mature little couple that America loves!


Even when revisiting  Catelynn’s mom’s verbal & emotional abuse from past seasons…Catelynn & Tyler address her & her actions with love & forgiveness.

It was an emotional episode for sure. But these two handled it well.

Those TWO…..can they get anymore awesome?


Just wait…they totally can….


LOVE it Catelynn!!!

Which brings me to Maci…


Does the girl age?!? She looks exactly the same as she did in 16 & Pregnant!

I love Maci. Like LOVE her. I think she’s a strong, positive role model. She is a GREAT mom & her choice to not have her kid on the same show as a porn star reflects that.

The only thing that I’m a little iffy on when it comes to Maci…is those darn ear things! WTH?!


And to the shock of no one….Ryan is an even bigger douche as displayed in this heartbreaking scene:



You can see the pain on Maci’s face as she watches it. GOOD MOM.

And last but CERTAINLY LEAST….the whack job Farrah…


I can’t stand her, don’t like her, wish I could slap her. Just like in the Being Farrah special… I could barely sit through her episode.

Her parents can not even speak without her flipping out and making them out to be villains.


At one point…her dad tried to pay her a compliment and Farrah was a huge B to him before he could even get the words out!  This clearly demonstrates her need for it to be ALL ABOUT HER.



And then….there’s the elephant in the room always….her porn that’s not a porn but really is…



This is where MTV has MESSED UP. This show is geared toward TEEN GIRLS and making better choices. With Farrah on the show there is constant references to her pornos, sex toy line, plastic surgeries, dogging her own looks, bad parenting, & disrespectful behavior.

This clip clearly shows how sad it is & what a poor parent Farrah represents…

Not cool MTV. If you want to showcase  Farrah…give her her own show & call it WHACK JOB.


Get it?! Whack Job…as in her crazy AND her messed up plastic surgery?! hahahaha…sometimes I crack myself up.

No Farrah. No.

How does this girl even still have custody of that poor child?!

So basically…Farrah’s  Getting to Know episode was the same as her Being Farrah episode which hasn’t changed much from her Teen Mom & 16 and Pregnant days.


I’m so aggravated that MTV would welcome that crazy B back that I started a petition to get rid of her!

Sign here: https://www.change.org/p/mtv-kick-farrah-off-of-teen-mom 

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2 thoughts on “Teen Mom OG…

  1. I hope MTV does get rid of farrah but you know they lust after high ratings and farrah acting like an idiot will definitely get them that. I’ve thought more than once that she has mental issues.

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