Talk about creative!

I just had to share this awesome idea from Southern Disposition!

What does this:

and this:

and these:

have in common with this chick?

Only the coolest idea eva!

Southern Disposition is RIGHT ON TARGET when she says that Barbie’s pad is: Big, expensive, & not cute!

So she came up with an awesome compact, affordable, & totally cute version!

Check out her tutorial here.

Such a brilliant idea! This looks sooo easy to store on a bookshelf and travel with to sleepovers or grandma’s house!

Daynie’s Barbie House:

For sure gets a check mark for being big. It’s major honky & has always taken up mucho room in

It also gets a check mark for being expensive.

But I wouldn’t necessarily give it a check mark for being not cute.  I searched long & hard for a Barbie house that matched her room. I love the bright/hot colors & zebra print. It matches her room perfect.

But I will say there are plenty upon plenty of not cute Barbie houses out there. Hence the…searching long & hard part!

That’s why doing it YOself is so awesome because you can customize the whole house decor & furniture to fit your own child’s style!

Seriously…check out her tutorial!

You can also check out her other great tutorials:



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One thought on “Talk about creative!

  1. I am just loving this blog. My three year old is hanging over my shoulder saying “let’s make that one – no, that one, let’s make it mummy”. I really struggle to find crafty projects that I can do (not very talented) so these instructions are going to be very useful 🙂 I am trying to teach my kids that just because it’s at the toyshop doesn’t mean it’s a good toy and home made fun is better – it’s so hard sometimes! Anyway, wish us luck, we can’t leave Barbie freezing cold with nowhere to sit a moment longer.

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