STEEP discounts for Great Wolf Lodge on Zulily today!

Last year muh sista & I grabbed all our crazies & headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas on Christmas Day. It was the main big gift for our littles.

You can check out that awesomeness here. We had THE BEST time! Perfect fun for a white Christmas!

And guess what…

TODAY my FAV website Zulily has some GREAT package deals with very steep discounts for Great Wolf Lodge at locations across the country!



You have GOT to check out these deals!!  CLICK HERE for the deats!

American Girl Magazine on Zulily today!



Looky Looky what’s on Zulily today!

American Girl Magazine — over 50% off

Calling all American Girls! The most popular magazine for girls ages 8 years and up is packed with great age-appropriate content that will keep your American Girl engaged. Winner of Parents’ Choice and EdPress awards, it focuses on friendship and fun with tons of wholesome, entertaining content such as party plans, crafts, quizzes, stories about real girls and more!

I just ordered it for Daynie Muffin! She is going to be soooo excited!!!

Click the link & make your little girl happy happy happy!

Flip to tha Flop

images (1)

So I jusss soo happened to have bought 15 flippin pair of flip flops.


& two for Miss Priss.


It’s their fault:

Zulily AD


Their deals are just toooo good to pass up!

I kinda have an obsesh with a certain style of flip flops.

They are just so dang expensive!

So when Zulily had them SUPA cheap…I bought one of every style they had.


They were actually out of my size in a few styles.


Last Friday when this box came:



I was BEYOND excited!

ESPECIALLY when I opened the box to see they had also shipped these bad boys:



I will not confirm nor deny if those are actually my 3rd pair of Coach sunglasses from Zulily

This was also tucked in muh box:


It was such a good deal I went ahead & bought it for Daynie for next year. never know how long it would be on Zulily…once they run out of a good’s gone!

Soo…back to my flip flop order…



I got half of my order in the box on Friday.



The other half came Monday…



I have never been so excited to get home & put all my shoes away!






Ha ha! I had to throw about three rows of shoes to the floor to make room for muh new flops!

Flip yeah!!

You can see other awesome deals I’ve scored here.


So ya know. You NEED to check it out. Like NOW.




Bez Check it!


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