This week…


I know ya’ll could prob careless about my little weigh ins & food diaries..but they are mostly for me. It seriously makes a difference to blog it.


This week I’ve eaten pretty good & stayed on track although I’ve only halfway tracked my cals in MFP.  I had to re-lose a few pounds that I gained back over my weekend of partying. Hopefully this weekend I can stay the course and continue to lose and break this nasty slump/cycle I’m in.




20130628-085630.jpg   Wednesday 20130628-085621.jpg   Thursday




I did some sponsoring over at a couple of my fav blogs. They write the most awesome shout outs. LOL

20130628-085720.jpg 20130628-085728.jpg

They kinda cracked me up a bit…

IMG_6819 (1)

If they only knew…Ha! They did make me feel like I need to step it up on there & let my true colors shine! Instagram followers watch out! Your feed is fickin tuh blow uuuup! Iz ganna be OFF. THE. CHAIN. Also..this gives me some serious chuckles…


68 repins for a picture & a clever little description. It was actually a little joke…me & the bee were having a discussion of how people pin anything. That is just a pic of the back of my car on a roadtrip I took. And then there’s this…


Just a pic of my laundry from one of my posts..add a kick ass bio…

photo (2)

and BAM! 43 repins. And that ya’ll…is Pinterest done right.

So..besides stalking the scale & a few laughs from muh blog…in real life my week consisted of this:


Finding & disposing of my son’s stash of 28 paper airplanes.


And that was just in his room And…a little pool at the laundry mat.


And I leave you with this little Pinterest Pot O Gold….


You’re welcome.

Just a tiny little weigh in / check in…

Monday I was 230.6 and Tuesday 229.2

1.4 lbs on day one..I’m okay with that.

Wed  0.8 lbs




Thur 1.2 lbs




Fri down 0.4 lbs….a little sad but I have to remember the big picture…3.8 lost since Fri.



On my food I’ve tried to stick with meat & eggs and a little salad. PROTEIN.

Mostly I just cut out all the junk. Snacking all day, SWEETS, junk food, FAST FOOD.

As long as I see the numbers going down each day it motivates me to keep going.

I’ve GOTTA get to working out again.

And also…who knows if I can stay strong this weekend!! Weekends are the hardest! And this weekend I’m going to partayy it up with muh friend!

This one:



It’s her 30th B Day & we’re ganna party like it’s 2001!!!!

To keep up with muh  Insta-awesomess….follow me on Insta Gram:  mommy_edwards

So there’s my little update… & I leave you with this…



You’re welcome.


Wish I could say the numbers on the scale this morning were a surprise…but I can’t.


What a weekend I had!

It was crazy busy and on the go and my weekend eating didn’t get off to the greatest start.

I went to Ft. Worth for my sister’s B Day dinner on Friday.


Saturday I went to my 3 nieces cheer competition. It was an all day affair.


I can’t imagine having more than one girl and having to get them all ready!


My nieces are seriously some awesome little tumblers!


This is what dad’s do at cheer comps:


Craigslist. Ha!

This is what’s my niece’s dad does at cheer comps:


Ha! In his defense.. There was a lot of waiting!

Fun crazy fact:


This is a pic a parent on my niece’s cheer team tagged my sista in. Her grandparents and our grandparents just so happened to be good friends back in the day in TEHRAN! Isn’t it a crazy small world world?!

We got there at 11 am and I left at 6. We only left once for about an hour for lunch.

We always have fun!

Didn’t count cals this weekend bc I was out and about and it’s hard to know what the calories are when you grab random stuff.

I got back to East Texas about 8 pm & headed straight to my friend’s house to set up for her Housewarming party since it was after church on Sunday.

I didn’t get home until midnight bc we were decorating & catching up.

Sunday morning church was great & the message was awesome!

We have a great youth group at our church… I love to see them all at the alter praying.


After church, Daynie & I headed to pick up the cake & grab last min stuff before we headed to the party to finish set up.


The party went fab!


I had a lot of decorations and party plates ect left from my sister n laws housewarming party (a lata post you can see here) so I decided to go with the same colors.


I had a fabulous group of ladies help me host!




After the party we headed back to church where we wrapped up the video series. I figured out that there was movie made a few years back so I ordered it on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch it! Very inspiring!

So that was my weekend.. Today I’m back at the diet & watching the cals!




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