This week…


I know ya’ll could prob careless about my little weigh ins & food diaries..but they are mostly for me. It seriously makes a difference to blog it.


This week I’ve eaten pretty good & stayed on track although I’ve only halfway tracked my cals in MFP.  I had to re-lose a few pounds that I gained back over my weekend of partying. Hopefully this weekend I can stay the course and continue to lose and break this nasty slump/cycle I’m in.




20130628-085630.jpg   Wednesday 20130628-085621.jpg   Thursday




I did some sponsoring over at a couple of my fav blogs. They write the most awesome shout outs. LOL

20130628-085720.jpg 20130628-085728.jpg

They kinda cracked me up a bit…

IMG_6819 (1)

If they only knew…Ha! They did make me feel like I need to step it up on there & let my true colors shine! Instagram followers watch out! Your feed is fickin tuh blow uuuup! Iz ganna be OFF. THE. CHAIN. Also..this gives me some serious chuckles…


68 repins for a picture & a clever little description. It was actually a little joke…me & the bee were having a discussion of how people pin anything. That is just a pic of the back of my car on a roadtrip I took. And then there’s this…


Just a pic of my laundry from one of my posts..add a kick ass bio…

photo (2)

and BAM! 43 repins. And that ya’ll…is Pinterest done right.

So..besides stalking the scale & a few laughs from muh blog…in real life my week consisted of this:


Finding & disposing of my son’s stash of 28 paper airplanes.


And that was just in his room And…a little pool at the laundry mat.


And I leave you with this little Pinterest Pot O Gold….


You’re welcome.

And there it is…

This weekend I was at an old friend I don’t see very often’s little birthday get together. We had just gotten done eating and she looked at my mess of a plate of picked apart food and looked at me and said….I think I figured out something..remind me to ask you something later. I was like..umm okay. It seemed a little odd but I wasn’t expecting the question that was to come.

So the next day…I was at church with her & a group of her friends and she saw this guy and said something about how much weight he has lost…then it was like she was suddenly reminded of something and turned to me and said…so how have you lost all that weight? what are you doing? Did you have surgery? (all in one super fast run on sentence). She looked so sure of herself like she just knew and stared at me obviously looking for me to answer only the last question.


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