I was going through my draft posts & found this one that I started exactly one year ago on July 28, 2012. I had started it & never finished or published it. Sooo here ya go…LOL…a full year later…here is the unfinished post! ¬†Oh yeah…the pic with me in it is TOTES CRAY CRAY! I don’t even recognize that person!


This is the first vaca I didn’t bring a camera!

I took all pics with my iPhone/BFF

Although I used my phone for all pictchas… I tried not to be on it otherwise. Especially at the parks or when sitting down for meals. It aggravates me to be at dinner and look around & everyone is looking at their phones & not being completely with the people they are with. It’s just rude. I really wanted to soak up my time with my family and give them all the undivided attention they deserve.

So we broke out the ol piggy bank & counted our change fer some spendin money!

598 599

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