Dirty Girl Mud Run!

Back on October 4th…Muh Girls & I  hit the road with Hippie Santa and headed to Dallas for the Dirty Girl Mud Run!



Hollie was super excited about the bridges in tha big ol city!

We got to our hotel Friday night & promptly got busy on taking our IG selfies!

1440 1441 1443 1444 1445 1446

We finally got the perfect one! You’re obvi welcome IG.

Then we headed to get some yummayyy Tex Mex & Margaritas! (both staples for the #RoadtrippityTribe)

Great girl talk & great company!

We even found some sweet deco for Uncle Babe.

photo (5)


We grabbed our To Go cups & took our party on the road!

Errr..or to the back parking lot for some drunk cartwheel fun.

Luckily Walmart was also in the same parking lot & we were able to hang there for a bit to let our buzz fizzle do some shopping.


Hippie Santa was a great DD!

Even though he did drive sooo slow he caused this!

We headed back to the hotel to rest up for the big race the next day!





Or something like that.

There may or may not have been a lot of drinking, social media, & twerking involved.

Unfortunately, even though Hollie has exceptionally AMAZING twerking skills…she’s kinda not as awesome as me & wouldn’t let me share. BOOOO. That’s ok ya’ll…I’ll totally make you a spoof video and show you how it went down.

The next morning we were up and out the door to make the first time slot at the race!

I can’t EVEN explain to you HOW MUCH FREAKIN FUN the Dirty Girl Mud Run was & really the whole weekend! We had THE BEST TIME!

There are wayyyy too many photos from the race…so I made you an awesome vid to enjoy! Sorry there isn’t any fun upbeat music…I suck at making a decision on something cool. There is sound on the video parts so turn up the volume when your watch it. Pump up the jam Pump It up. Oh wait…no music…anyone have any fun song ideas I can add to this video after watching it LET ME KNOW & I will add them…and you will get mega street cred cool Nina points.

We walked a lot of it…but we also ran a lot of it. We completed every single obstacle like a badass! I can’t wait to do it again!

And what’s next for this #RoadTrippityTribe ???  Just more pure awesomeness.


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Deep in the [sad] Heart of Texas…

Right now Texas  has a heavy heart for this guy…130728kidd-kraddick1_300x206


We were all shocked to hear the news this weekend that Kidd Kraddick past away.

When Danny walked into our room Saturday morning and told me I thought he was joking. I immediately grabbed my phone & googled.

My heart sank.

It is so crazy that a man can be such a big part of so many lives of people that have never met him! It’s evident by social media & news…that so many people are just devastated by this loss. It also shows us just what an amazing man he was.

I actually met him & the whole Kidd Kraddick crew years and years ago…way before Daynie was born….and I didn’t even know who they were when I met them! I got their autographs just because everyone else was..then ended up throwing it away later.  I started listening to them when I started at my current job about 9 years ago when I heard The Mommy Test.

It’s seems so silly that I am so upset by this. But it just goes to show you how we take so much for granted…even the people that are a part of our morning routines and we don’t even realize it.

I know Kidd did so much for so many people.

What I thought about most the whole weekend was Kellie, Big Al, J-Si, Jenna, & Psycho Shannon.  My heart ached for them.

And like everyone else my mind whirled around the unknown…will the show go on? What will become of them?

I was so happy to see Kellie post this late last night I reposted it on my IG….

photo (2)

I just felt so much better knowing that Kellie could have that peace in her heart about seeing Kidd in heaven.


This morning at 5:30 Daynie & I were on our way to the track & they were playing Friday’s show on the radio…I couldn’t help by tearing up when I heard Kidd’s voice.

I just knew that this whole  week they would just play The Best Of   to give the staff time to grieve and get things worked out.

I think it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING that the crew came on at 7am this morning to share their feelings and help the fans through this. What great strength and courage they have! They did a perfect tribute. They told the story, shared their feelings, and made us laugh and cry. It’s so great that they sucked it up and did that for the fans! It’s so awesome that they made it through that show. They really helped the fans. They were the ones closest to him and this was THEIR time to grieve…and they put the fans FIRST. Thank you for that. Just another way that Kidd has impacted lives.

I had to laugh at a comment I read on a local news station’s page…

The commenter said they were channeling Must Be Nice Guy…

“Must be nice to have everyone talking about you Kidd….must be niiice…must be nice to have an entire show dedicated to your memory….must be niiice. Must be nice to be in heaven…must be nice. 

RIP Kidd Kraddick.

I saw this pic floating around….apparently many people have this idea! LOVE IT.




Vids to make ya chuckle..


So first off…

I live in TEXAS.

It’s flippin HOT here.

So I can appreciate this woman’s frustration.

Put me down for a snow living room too Lord.

The next video isn’t as funny as it is awesome!  Your mouth will be open in shock at how cool this maid of honor is…until the end when she gets a standing ovation. If my sista hyjacked my day & got the crowd to go wild like she’s the Jonas’ brother’s long lost sister…I’d punch her in the throat & smear wedding cake in her face.

And last but most certainly not least…

The train wreck we call Miley.

photo (2)


If you follow me on InstaGram…you know I posted this after watching her latest vid.

photo (3)

The first 3 times I watched this I thought…what a whack job…is she serious?

By the 5th view I have since changed my view of Miley from freak show to PURE GENIUS.

It’s seriously such a crazy train wreck you can’t look away. You watch it over & over. You share it with every poor soul that will make fun of it with you.

Marketing genius Miley.

She set out to make a completely outrageous, get all them bitches talkin video.

Mission accomplished.

I mean look at me..I’ve watched it more times than I care to share without looking like a whack-a-doodle and now I’m blogging about it.

Probably from my post alone her YouTube views will shoot from 45 million to eighty-ten bazillion.

You’re welcome Miley.

Oh yeah..check this chick’s post on the video out…


Caution: It’s totes hilar… & has a clean shot of Miley’s money maker moonin. Plus..more twerking than one post should be allowed to have.






#JanBlogADay: Winter/Summer

Living in Texas… I’m lucky enough to experience these two seasons all year long.






And we can experience both seasons in the same day if we go on a road trip across our state.


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