A coupla things…or 5



Numero UNO

I think it’s totes bullshit that the new 5s has slow mo & my 5 phone don’t.

Damn you Apple.

My sista has posted two videos of my awesome niece doin her thang…and I’ve been trying to figure out how she did it! I just knew it had something to do with the ios7 update.

Isn’t my niece crazy awesome??

I super puffy heart love that girl!

So anyhoo..I was soooo desperate to blow away my Instagram followers with some bad ass slow mo action…that I finally broke down and downloaded the new update. YES I’m pretty sure I was the last person on Earth to do it!

And guess what?


So I resorted to just texting my sis and asking how the hell she did it. UGH!

And guess what else?

Oh yeah I already told ya…you gotta have the new 5S!!

Stupid apple.

Frustrated? or belting out some tunage?

Frustrated? or belting out some tunage?

Numba TWO:

Is it just me or is Katie off Teen Mom 3 really the bitch that starts all the fights? Poor Joey.


In last week’s episode…it was her b-day “weekend” and he got into the car and she asked him how much gas he put in it. He said…$20 and I used $10 to wash your car.

She effin flipped.

Over water people.

Poor guy was like..I was trying to do something nice.

She just lays into him until he has enough and starts yelling back and cussing.

I would too Joey. I would too.

Then..when they get out of the car…she calls her mom to tell on Joey for yelling at her the whole ride and ruining her day.

Am I the only one SICK of her bashing him to everyone? She always leaves out HER part in the fight where she STARTS them from being a bitch and pushes and pushes him until he loses it.

The week before…he comes home from working all night at the coal mine and has to make himself a sandwich while Katie chills on the couch & bitches.

She looks like she’d be fun to come home to after a long night.

She looks like she’d be fun to come home to after a long night.

Rough day on the couch Katie?

Rough day on the couch Katie?

Ahh… The Miner’s Special. A mayo and Cheerio sandwich. Too tired to care.

Ahh… The Miner’s Special. A mayo and Cheerio sandwich. Too tired to care.

I totally just jacked those pics & captions from trashtalktv.com.

So her bitch fest is because..she doesn’t want him to go fishing because….she just wants him to sleep.


Is he 5?

He of course loses it and tells her she always says it’s ok when he plans something then the day of she never wants him to go. She just keeps saying…all I want you to do is sleep, is that too much to ask?

Bitch YES.

Look. I want to like Katie. I really do.

She’s pretty. She’s smart. She’s a good mom.

But damn.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

She just comes off as a spoiled brat.

I just want you to sleep is that too much to ask?


just ugh.

I would want to smoke pot too.

(and I am full blown super a whole lot anti drug fo sho)

And then on the after show..the other girls are always…poor Katie..I can’t believe Joey talks to you that way…I wouldn’t put up with that.  Umm..yes you would, you do and you have. At the moment ya’ll need to be jealous that she has the only baby daddy that has a J-O-B and actually cares about his kid. He’s a good daddy.


Even Katie herself says in the after show that watching the episodes she can’t believe she let’s him treat her that way. Uhh…Katie…did you fast forward through every part where YOUR MOUTH WAS OPEN??

I can’t decide who is the new Amber..

Katie?? For obvious reasons…

080211_teen_mom110803075624 amber-portwood-121510-main-376x385 Katie105SneakPeek KatieSmile3 Teen-Mom-3-100713-34

They both are always laying on a couch or bed in every episode.

Oh yeah…and the starting retarded fights every single time they talk to their boyfriends.

Or the prob most obvious new Amber??


Just because she goes bat shit crazy over EVERYTHING.

But really…she’s wayyy more like Janelle.

REALLY Janelle?? Is that because it's like looking in a mirror??!!!??

REALLY Janelle?? Is that because it’s like looking in a mirror??!!!??

Drugged out loser boyfriend like Janelle?? CHECK.

Alex is just like Amber & Janelle…a ticking time bomb.

The only difference is she WORKS! A skill the other two still haven’t mastered.

AND she takes care of her kid…where the other two don’t give a shit about their kids…only PRETEND to for the cameras.

OY Numba 2 got me goin!


I have an unhealthy obsession with my bed.

That’s because….all the best things happen there.





#5-It’s the only place my kid isn’t afraid to do a back flip


Why do I suck as a mom? I can never remember to add a damn note to their lunch!


One time I even scoured Pinterest and printed 5 bazillion pre-made cutesy notes and put them in the drawer with the little plastic sadwich baggys so I would remember.

One time Daynie even ASKED me if I could put her a note in her lunch.

One time I even remembered as I was making the lunch…decided to walk over to the paper & markers…got sidetracked…and didn’t remember until 2 days later that I remembered then forgot!

WTH me?

You know how many times I have put a note in the kids lunches?


Mom of the year award goes right here baby.



I don’t have anything else..so here are some pics of my kids.

You’re obvs welcome.

photo (18)

This morning before school. Daynie wearing all pink for breast cancer awareness. “Cardinals for the Cure”  G refused. Danny wouldn’t let me send snacks for the occasion….

photo (19)

The kids yesterday on picture day 🙂  G is such a butt. He can’t give me just ONE normal pic.

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