Toy Story Birthday-Plus Party Tips!

Toy Story Invite Example


I designed the invites to match the theme of the party! My kids LOVE having their pictures on them & it’s a fun surprise for the kids receiving them!

Party Tip: design fees are very affordable & you get the finished digital image emailed to you so that you can print all that you want!


Party Tip: One of my very favortie things to do is coordinate my kid’s outfits to match the party theme! It’s a fun little detail that makes the kid feel extra special plus it’s an added touch to the party decor!


Garridon & his best friend since they were in diapers…Jaggar Man!


Our fav sassy little twirler!

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Party Tip: Sometimes it’s easier & cheaper to just have the party at a party place that does everything for you!

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Party Tip: Bring your invitation or a party plate to the people doing your cake & have them match to it as closely as possible! You can also buy them on eBay & email the image to the person making it.


I also designed the picture on the cake! I just printed it out & took it to Brookshires & had them transfer it to the edible photo paper.


Party Tip: Use the kid’s toys that match the theme as decorations on the cake & the table!

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Party Tip: Get a double layer cake & request the top be chocolate & the bottom vanilla to please all your party guests!

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Party Tip: Have hand sanitizer ready to go after the kids play & do the party activities before they eat cake.

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Party Tip: If the theme is currently popular…hit up your local grocery store for coordinating drinks & snacks!

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See the cups on the back table in the photo above? They are Toy Story plastic drinking cups from Walmart filled with Toy Story little toys & candy.

Party Tip: ALWAYS check Walmart first for you party theme supplies! They have the cheapest stuff & usually a good selection!094 095 101

Garridon’s shirt & flip flops are also from Walmart.

Party Tip: If it is a popular theme you can usually find the coordinating clothes at Walmart too!

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