My list of reason why…

This is a running list of some reminders to myself of why I need/want to lose this weight. I think a lot of overweight people can really identify with some of these.
  • Be healthy.
  • Better sex.
  • Sit comfortable in stadium seats.
  • Cross my legs.
  • Run.
  • Wear cute clothes.
  • Sit Indian style.
  • Shop anywhere I want.
  • To be alive for my kids & grow old with my husband
  • Wear a bathing suit.
  • Easier to wipe/wash my butt….might as well be prego!
  • Fit comfortable in an airplane seat…so I can take a longer trip…like to Hawaii.
  • Sit down in the car or in a chair or on the couch & not want to cover my fat legs/ lap w/ a pillow or purse.
  • Feel comfortable around (not overweight) people.
  • Not be the fat mom.


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