Princess Birthday

Birthday Week


Today I am featuring a Princess Party!

This was Daynie’s 4th Birthday.

We had it at a local party place & it was fab!l (1) l (2) l (3) l (4) l (5) l (6) l (7) l (8) l (9) l (10) l (11) l (12) l (13) l (14) l (15)

Each girl got to take their turn on the stage modeling their princess attire during the fashion show!l (16)

Take home goodies fit for a princess..l (17)

Craft…making a princess picture frame!l (18) l (19)

Each girl got to go sit by Daynie on the stage as she opened the gift from them!l (20) l (21) l (22) l (23) l (24) l (25) l (26) l (27) l (28)

The little ladies were absolutely delighted to get to use all the grown up tea party dishes!l (29) l (30) l (31)

All the girls making their frames! The party place printed pics of the group of girls & put it in their frame to take home! What a great memory! We still have Daynie’s!l (32) l (33) l (34)

She felt so grown up getting to choose everything!l (35) l

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