Some things are not meant to be shared…like Placentas.

I think every person in the history of everyone has at one time or another (more than likely when they were a child) wished they were a twin.

I also relished in the idea of an instant BFF that I could dress matchy matchy and communicate with in our secret language.

60 a a Twins at 100


When I grew a bit older and gave up my dream of being a twin..and I replaced it with a new dream of having twins. But I always wanted a boy/girl set. I dunno why.



My fascination with twins definitely followed me into adulthood and may or may not have turned into an obsession.



I catch any and all reality shows that involve twins. Including Tia & Tamara.



I love this duo for so many reasons. The bond between twins has always fascinated me.

But listen…I don’t care if you shared a womb…you gotta draw the line somewhere!

Insert #JanBlogADay topic here:  I would do anything for love…but I won’t do that!

Last night while catching up on muh DVR I threw up in my mouth a little….

photo (4)


PEOPLE!! That is Tamera making her sister Tia…TASTE HER PLACENTA!!!

That is even more nasty than when Tamera drank Tia’s breast milk!


You drink my breast milk and I’ll eat your placenta #sisterlylove

I don’t care how close of a bond you have with your twin, you can love that joker til the cows come home, but that’s just over the top, committed, insane. Seriously…for a minute there I thought I was watching Honey Boo Boo.

I think even June would be disgusted with Mowry sister’s shenanigans.





Just DON’T do it mmmkayyy???


Today is day numba tres of the #JanBlogADay Challenge and the topic is: PET PEEVES.

Anyone that knows me..knows I have quite a few “weird” things about me.

I think my pet peeves & my weird little freak out initiators pretty much run hand n hand.

qq1sgPetPeeves the interest of not letting on to my readers that don’t actually know me in real life what a fruitcake I am….I’m going to limit this list to just my top two..




I HATE it.

I think it’s NASTY.


I about had a fuh-reeeek out moment yesterday when I was on Pinterest “doing research” for my bucket list post and came across a couple completely gross and insanely hideous NASTY pins.

Sorry..but I just can’t post the images without seriously upchucking my lunch.

I just for the life of me can’t understand what possesses humans to do that?

Since as far back as I remember…the sight, smell, & taste of gum makes me nauseated. Like seriously. I can’t even see it on Tv or pics of it.

Even sitting next to someone who is chewing gum sends my body and mind into panic mode. I can SMELL it. I can hear them chewing it. My brain just rolls over & over the grossness of it while my body tries to refrain from puking.

Like seriously.


Who knew this was a disease? is.

Tell me..why would anyone want to chew on the same piece of food for hours?

And don’t even get me started on the smacking..or blowing bubbles…or sticking it to stuff, or those freaks that take it out and pull it and play with it!

You don't know how much anguish I endured to post this photo.

You don’t know how much anguish I endured to post this photo.

EVEN Oprah hates gum! Nuff said!

Oprah is an American icon…so if you don’t hate gum too…then you’re just un-American.


TOOTHPASTE & people brushing their teeth in front of me.

NASTY NASTY NASTY. far back as I can remember..all things to do with teeth brushing makes me gag.

The spit, the slobber, the taste of ALLL toothpastes. GROSS.

This is why I get gassed for a cleaning at the dentist.



Our whole family brushes their teeth in the shower. That way I don’t have to hear or smell it. Or see the toothpaste remnants in the sink or little dots on the mirror. Gross!

I can’t even watch someone on tv brush their teeth. But please..that shit is gross…why do they even do it??

I seriously have the best husband ever! He caters to all my little quirks & makes adjustments accordingly. He used to be a gum eater when we got together…he dropped it completely. And he brushes his teeth in the shower and has taken on all kid teeth brushing duties. My hero!


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