Wowza! 147 THOUSAND views on Muh Bill Book….and the winner is….uh oh…and ANOTHER giveaway?…hot diggity dog!!!



WOWZA everbody!

Muh Bill Book post has recieved ¬†147,286 as of 8 am 4/30/2013!! Annnnd…the giveaway had over TEN THOUSAND entries!!!

That’s totes cray cray!

Yep. That just happened.

Soo…today’s the day I announce a winner for the giveaway!

Dummm dumm dummmmm

photo (18)

giv bill book



I shot you an email!

Give me yo info so I can come over for tea & be ya BFF.

J/K T.


I don’t even like tea.

photo (19)


because I’m AWESOME.

& muh bill book is AWESOME.

& muh readers are AWESOME.

I’m giving away ANOTHER Muh Bill Book.

Contest starts today. There’s like a million ways to enter.

Do it here.

Or here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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