Ugh! And she’s not even a teenager yet!

I have spent all of yesterday afternoon/evening and this evening…cleaning my little hoarder’s room.

My child, has some serious issues. I threw away no less than 8 shoe boxes that she proclaimed to be “collecting”. Each and every one was filled with..umm how should I say this… CRAP!

Random little pieces of nothing and everything.

Every drawer, nook, and cranny was stuffed with something that didn’t belong there.


All of the cubes above were stuffed with crap.

The bad thing is I freak out and go through her room about once a month and dump every one of these out and clean it alll. It doesn’t take her but a few days to reload. Where does she get the crap to hoard??

The kids rooms are rather small and since we are trying to sell our house.. I am trying to simplify to make them appear bigger.

I boxed up over 100 bows, all her trophies, stuffed animals, and just random clutter.

This TV stand was taking up a lot of room so it had to go..


And that’s when I saw this…


That child is damn lucky she wasn’t home when I found it too.

We have a strict rule of no food or drink in rooms. Daynie is always getting busted too. And i never ever get through to that thick headed child.

Yes that’s a peanut butter cup!

Nasty. I’m shocked she doesn’t have monster sized rodents.


A spoon? Really Daynie?


This is all out of her room. The stuff to the left for garage sale & to the right is going into storage.

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