Housewarming Partaaays

One of my all time favourite things to do.. Is plan & throw parties. It’s definitely my niche!

A few years ago I threw my first housewarming party. It was small & simple.

I used the colors for the party that the kitchen/living room were decorated in…brown & teal.




The flowers, vase, & ribbon are from Hobby Lobby. I put it together to add to the decor and then give as a present to be used in the home. I also framed the pics (which I printed myself) to be used in the home after the party.




I made all the food myself. I mixed up a clear glaze icing & matched the color to the decor.

All the printables I found somewhere online…but this was about 3 years ago so I can’t remember where. I just printed them off myself and made muh lil toothpicks & framed the bigger pics.





The food isn’t the prettiest b/c I totally suck at anything baking…but it tasted good. I’ve since learned to just save time & sanity and buy all the food.


These red velvet cake balls were to die for! Still one of my favs!


29323_1429002287067_7816876_n (1)


In December 2012 I gave muh sista-n-law a housewarming party.

I found this invite at I liked & planned the party around it.


I actually had extra invites left over & cut them to use on the decorations.



If you know me..then you know I’m ALL ABOUT THE PRESENTATION.

Like seriously.

I LOVE parties and I love to walk into a room and see the party table hit you in yo face like BAM! I believe it should be the focal point when you first walk in.




The present table is always separate from the cake/ food table.

My sister-n-law actually lives about 5 hours away…so we had the party in East Texas so friends & family could come. I road tripped it (another post) down to her howse & took some pictchas. I made a little DVD & played it on the big screen during the shower so everyone could see her home.






Danny’s aunt made the bouquet & I LOVE IT! It went so perfect with the decor! My fav thing about her is she totally also coordinates everything…right down to the serving trays!

I designed the cake to match the invites and had Brookshires make it.




I bought the plates, frames, & glitter boxes at Hobby Lobby. I also used wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby to create the runner across the cake table.








These are my adorable kids. Yes their clothes match the party decor. Don’t judge me.



This past weekend I hosted another housewarming party for a friend.

I had a lot of plates, cups, forks, & decorations left from my sista-n-law’s shower so I decided to use them & go with the same theme/ colors.



I actually used some of the ideas from the printables from the first housewarming party…and designed my own to match this party.


I didn’t get a close up of the sayings on the wall…but they are the same as the pictures I framed in the first party in this post. You can get your totally free copy by clicking on the pic..

5x7 green5x7 homeSmall green5x7 smallGreen Sweetblack white


I also made new little toothpick thingys with the same designs.. You can print that here...



And here is the large Home Sweet Home…You’re welcome.

HomeSweetSweet Black & White



Baby CageWhat do you do when your baby wants some fresh air but you can’t leave the home? Place your bundle of joy in a cage shoddily attached to an open window of course.  Patented in the United States in 1922 and popular in 1930’s London, the baby cage was intended for city folk whose kids weren’t getting enough fresh air, sunshine and fractured skulls.

Baby Cage
What do you do when your baby wants some fresh air but you can’t leave the home? Place your bundle of joy in a cage shoddily attached to an open window of course. Patented in the United States in 1922 and popular in 1930’s London, the baby cage was intended for city folk whose kids weren’t getting enough fresh air, sunshine and fractured skulls.


Holy Moly that’s crazy! I saw this on AOL News today & about wet my britches! Even though it’s a 90 year old photo…it makes me a nervous wreck!


The FireboxThink pulling the fire alarm is a fun prank? Not when this 1938 device, which traps your hand until the police arrive, is involved. While the invention may deter the mischievous teen, it also kills the heroic man who’s yanking the dang thing cause there’s an actual blazing inferno. Talk about taking one for the team!

The Firebox
Think pulling the fire alarm is a fun prank? Not when this 1938 device, which traps your hand until the police arrive, is involved. While the invention may deter the mischievous teen, it also kills the heroic man who’s yanking the dang thing cause there’s an actual blazing inferno. Talk about taking one for the team!

Something tells me they didn’t think this one all the way through!



Hallmark may want to upgrade their mirror cards next year.

Hallmark may want to upgrade their mirror cards next year.

So right now.. I’m sitting at home.. In the dark…listening to the storm outside.

And… I’m pretty ticked that the electricity is out! That means all muh shows won’t record! Ugh!







Wish I could say the numbers on the scale this morning were a surprise…but I can’t.


What a weekend I had!

It was crazy busy and on the go and my weekend eating didn’t get off to the greatest start.

I went to Ft. Worth for my sister’s B Day dinner on Friday.


Saturday I went to my 3 nieces cheer competition. It was an all day affair.


I can’t imagine having more than one girl and having to get them all ready!


My nieces are seriously some awesome little tumblers!


This is what dad’s do at cheer comps:


Craigslist. Ha!

This is what’s my niece’s dad does at cheer comps:


Ha! In his defense.. There was a lot of waiting!

Fun crazy fact:


This is a pic a parent on my niece’s cheer team tagged my sista in. Her grandparents and our grandparents just so happened to be good friends back in the day in TEHRAN! Isn’t it a crazy small world world?!

We got there at 11 am and I left at 6. We only left once for about an hour for lunch.

We always have fun!

Didn’t count cals this weekend bc I was out and about and it’s hard to know what the calories are when you grab random stuff.

I got back to East Texas about 8 pm & headed straight to my friend’s house to set up for her Housewarming party since it was after church on Sunday.

I didn’t get home until midnight bc we were decorating & catching up.

Sunday morning church was great & the message was awesome!

We have a great youth group at our church… I love to see them all at the alter praying.


After church, Daynie & I headed to pick up the cake & grab last min stuff before we headed to the party to finish set up.


The party went fab!


I had a lot of decorations and party plates ect left from my sister n laws housewarming party (a lata post you can see here) so I decided to go with the same colors.


I had a fabulous group of ladies help me host!




After the party we headed back to church where we wrapped up the video series. I figured out that there was movie made a few years back so I ordered it on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch it! Very inspiring!

So that was my weekend.. Today I’m back at the diet & watching the cals!




The “L” Word

#JanBlogADay: The “L” Word

As in… my LOVE for food… Which made me commit 2 sins today.

First.. I stole.

From GOD.

Well kinda.

Technically it might not actually be considered stealing considering I bought it.

But it did feel wrong.

Let me explain muhself.


I bought these six boxes of cookies to donate to the church for a youth event our church is hosting this weekend.

And the 5 minute ride from the store to the church proved that I have absolutely no self control.

Out of 72 cookies… I didn’t figure they would miss just one.

And OMG that was the best 240 calories of Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie cookie EVA.

Which coincidentally brings me to my second sin…gluttony.

The day started out innocently enough.


I was doing good and I obviously didn’t need that cookie. But once my taste buds indulged in that flavorful goodness… That was it.

After all week of countin the cals and trying to “be good” all hell broke loose in the world of Nina with that 240 calorie of delight and the rest of the day was an over-indulgence of pure gluttony.

And so… On the way outta town this afternoon… There was this:


And about 8 this evening there was this:


So I didn’t actually eat all that. Just about an eighth of the food… Even though it was Sooo flipping good and one bite of the tiramisu bc it was pretty rich. I did however finish all my wine bc…you just don’t waste good wine! A $27 plate of food? If you must. A $10 glass of Heaven? Absolutely not!

In my defense.. It was muh sista’s 40th B-Day dinner…& something tells me it wouldn’t be exactly classy to ask the waiter at an upscale establishment to nuke my Lean Cuisine so I can log my calories.

Not that I had any intention of logging my calories because after my “snacks” I only had two left anyway!


But hey.. Tomorrow’s another day!

Happy B Day muh sista!


I hope the scale is as forgiving tomorrow as it was today…especially after all the chit I’ve been talking about it.


The Google & A lesson

#JanBlogADay: Teacher

The best teacher of all teachers ever is…The Google.

Everything I’ve ever needed to know…it has provided.

However, the second best teacher… Is a mom.

Like today when I taught my little sweet faced babies why it’s important to wear their seatbelt.

We were almost about to turn on the street into our neighborhood when Garridon took his seatbelt off. Now that kid most definitely knows better! So I did what any good mom would do.. And screamed at him to put it back on or I would whip the fire out of him.

But then.. To make sure he really learned his lesson.. I carried out a trick I learned from a friend.

I waited about a minute until they were engrossed in whatever again… Then BAM!

I slammed on my brakes and screamed:

Lesson learned from the best teacher ever.

If that doesn’t work… Next time I’ll make him use The Google and search: kid not wearing seat belt gets in wreck and…

This scale BETTA recognize!

Wed Jan 23


My silver scale’s batteries are dead…so I’ve been using my black one. They’ve always been pretty close.

But the black one bugs me. It seriously feels like it picks a number and sticks with it until it decides to make a jump.

Like the silver one will be different up or down within a pound every few days. Like for example say you really are not losing for three days.. But at least it would be up or down by less than a pound during that time. Like Mon-138.6 Tues-139.1 Wed-138.8 Thur-137.2

But my black scale…she’s a lying little B! She would be all …Mon-138.6 Tues-138.6. Wed-138.6 Thur-137.2
There is no way anyone weighs EXACTLY the same everyday.

I swear.. If that Black B says 234.8 tomorrow I’m ganna throw it out the back door and hope the dog next door takes a dump on it. and then make Danny pick it up and throw it away as punishment for not changing the battery in my silver scale yet.

And yes… I did just write a whole boo hoo diet drama explanation on the feeling I have for my scales. ..with a raunchy ending. You’re welcome.

Now to further your reading pleasure… I present.. Today’s food diary:


Here’s a trick I’ve learned to help me…


Cut it up. No matter what it is..chop it into little bitty pieces and eat them one at a time as slow as you can.

It’s obviously easy to pop 6 chicken nuggs in ya mouth pretty quick like… But then you don’t really feel satisfied like you’ve eaten a meal. You feel more like you just inhaled a snack.

I can pop in one nugg & eat in a bite. Then in just six bites my meal is gone and I feel jipped!

But if you chop that shit up and drag out the whole process.. It seriously makes you feel more satisfied. And eating slow helps you to feel full.

I can get about 6 bites out of one nuggy. Times 6 nuggy’s. I’ve just had 36 bites of food. And obviously 36 bites takes a lot longer than 6 would. And taking 36 bites makes you feel like you’ve eaten more.

I’m so for real on this. It works. Try it a few days and see how your mind and body are changed in the eating process.

Moving right along..

Kept to the cals today.


Yes I log condiments. Those are calories too. I also measure out my milk and cereal. Gotta to keep serving sizes accurate.

I had 195 cals left about 8:30 when I got home from Bible study. I had a sweet tooth and was on the prowl for a dessert fix.



The trick is.. Portion control. I scanned the package with MFP app on my phone & ate the serving size of 3 cookies which is 160 cals.

The biggest thing I’m tryin to RE-train muh brain about is portion size.

Chocolate chip cookies are ok in moderation.

We will see if that black B agrees in the a.m.

She betta or else!

A beautiful faith…

Last Sunday…my church started a new video series…Walk His Trail movie message series. It contains exerts from the movie End of the Spear (a true story about five missionaries killed by a tribe in the Amazon) and commentary/testimony from Steve Saint (the son of one of the missionaries killed.) It is a video series sent to pastors to share with their church.

Here is the trailer…

Last week the first video shook a lot of us up & really made us think.

A true story of 5 missionaries in the 50’s that were reaching out to the tribes to bring them God’s word, were brutally murdered. Some of the family members of the missionaries murdered…actually later went to live in the tribe along with the same members of the tribe that did the killing. They taught them God’s love & showed them the error of their ways. They grew to love them like family.

I don’t know anyone whose faith and commitment to the Lord is that strong…that they would and COULD put their anger and hurt aside…to continue the missionaries mission. To obey God and forgive and continue to witness to this tribe. To obey God’s commandment to LOVE these people that murdered their loved one.

The story itself  AH-MAZING….the testimony of the son is unbelievable.

Tonight was the second video. I can’t find the actual videos with commentary we watch at church..but here is an exert from the actual movie.

At the 5:55 mark…there was a conversation between one of the missionaries & his eight year old son. It really shook me.

The father was about to leave on the plane to go into the Amazon jungle. The boy asked his father…. “If the Waodani attack will you defend yourself? Will you use your guns?” The father’s answer was nothing short of amazing to me… “Son, we can’t shoot the Waodani. They’re not ready for heaven. We are.”

On that trip…the 5 missionaries were attacked. And they did not use their guns to defend their selves.

What a beautiful unwavering faith. What a beautiful story. Beautiful testimony. A beautiful honor to God.


#JanBlogADay: Beautiful

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