Housewarming Partaaays

One of my all time favourite things to do.. Is plan & throw parties. It’s definitely my niche!

A few years ago I threw my first housewarming party. It was small & simple.

I used the colors for the party that the kitchen/living room were decorated in…brown & teal.




The flowers, vase, & ribbon are from Hobby Lobby. I put it together to add to the decor and then give as a present to be used in the home. I also framed the pics (which I printed myself) to be used in the home after the party.




I made all the food myself. I mixed up a clear glaze icing & matched the color to the decor.

All the printables I found somewhere online…but this was about 3 years ago so I can’t remember where. I just printed them off myself and made muh lil toothpicks & framed the bigger pics.





The food isn’t the prettiest b/c I totally suck at anything baking…but it tasted good. I’ve since learned to just save time & sanity and buy all the food.


These red velvet cake balls were to die for! Still one of my favs!


29323_1429002287067_7816876_n (1)


In December 2012 I gave muh sista-n-law a housewarming party.

I found this invite at I liked & planned the party around it.


I actually had extra invites left over & cut them to use on the decorations.



If you know me..then you know I’m ALL ABOUT THE PRESENTATION.

Like seriously.

I LOVE parties and I love to walk into a room and see the party table hit you in yo face like BAM! I believe it should be the focal point when you first walk in.




The present table is always separate from the cake/ food table.

My sister-n-law actually lives about 5 hours away…so we had the party in East Texas so friends & family could come. I road tripped it (another post) down to her howse & took some pictchas. I made a little DVD & played it on the big screen during the shower so everyone could see her home.






Danny’s aunt made the bouquet & I LOVE IT! It went so perfect with the decor! My fav thing about her is she totally also coordinates everything…right down to the serving trays!

I designed the cake to match the invites and had Brookshires make it.




I bought the plates, frames, & glitter boxes at Hobby Lobby. I also used wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby to create the runner across the cake table.








These are my adorable kids. Yes their clothes match the party decor. Don’t judge me.



This past weekend I hosted another housewarming party for a friend.

I had a lot of plates, cups, forks, & decorations left from my sista-n-law’s shower so I decided to use them & go with the same theme/ colors.



I actually used some of the ideas from the printables from the first housewarming party…and designed my own to match this party.


I didn’t get a close up of the sayings on the wall…but they are the same as the pictures I framed in the first party in this post. You can get your totally free copy by clicking on the pic..

5x7 green5x7 homeSmall green5x7 smallGreen Sweetblack white


I also made new little toothpick thingys with the same designs.. You can print that here...



And here is the large Home Sweet Home…You’re welcome.

HomeSweetSweet Black & White


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