Best Day Everrr…Worst Day Everrr…

It’s a sad sad day here at The Nina Show.

This morning the unthinkable happened.

And my heart is heavy.

I was rockin to muh jams on the way to the Post Office to check the three PO boxes just like everrr other day…and I hit the brakes to stop. Out of nowhere the front seat flew my stupid rude ass laptop and into the floorboard….


Hippie Santa.


(insert super ugly Farrah cry face here)

The tragic accident severed his arm.

(insert super ugly KIM Kardashian cry face here)

And it was kinda his important arm.

uh yeah he's just chillin on top of muh Bible. couldn't protect him GOD? WTH?!

uh yeah he’s just chillin on top of muh Bible. uh…you couldn’t protect him GOD? WTH?!


Worst. Day. Everrrr.

I just really don’t know where to go from here.

Hippie Santa was muh BFF.

We had some good times together.

Road trips…. (aka #roadtrippity)

Late night Wally World trips…

He’s with me through the everrday rigamaroo. (yes that’s totally a word)

He’s right by my side on my binging days.

He’s my party partner.

Oh yeah.. Gnomie My Homie DiED.  Forgot to tell ya’ll.  It’s all good though…it was for the best. Blessing in disguise actually.  I think he died of being a lying, stealing, pathetic, piece of white trash shit..but not for sure. You should ask Janie.

(I know Gnomie looks sweet…but don’t let his face fool ya..wolf in sheep’s clothing.)



I’ve got pictchas of EVERRRbody I know peacin out with Hippie Santa.

He’s a pal like no other..Seriously the most awesome dude eva.

And now this…

photo (4)


How he’s still cheesin & peacin under the circtumstances…I just dunno. He’s got the best attitude. We could all learn something from him.

Right now we are meeting with surgeons and exploring our options.

So if anyone has any ideas of how we can help Hippie Santa make it through this heartbreaking time…let me know.

I’m thinking of organizing some kind of event. He needs a color, a slogan, and an emblem. I was thinking about Hope 4 Hippie Santa. 

Hope 4 Hippie Santa

in other news

Even though my morning started off rather cataclysmic…it also started out uber awesome!

That’s b/c muh FAVVVVV blogger HOLLY at Where we can live like Jack & Sally asked me to guest post for her today!!!

What?! What?!

I mean can you not be in love with her after reading that about me.

I mean really…how can you not be in love with her after reading that about me?

Holly is seriously one rockin cool chick. Her humor completes me.

She is the wife of this guy:

Who is equally as hilarious. But not as famous.

Check out muh guest post awesomeness HERE.

guest post

Finish the sentence link up…


My happy place…my bed…all the best things happen there!
Whatever happened to… predictability, the milk man, the paper boy, evening TV…’re welcome!  & just to make sure my fav childhood show’s theme song is stuck in your head ALLLLL day now….

you’re obviously welcome.
So what if I…. let my psycho shine when I created this pinterest board. made me feel better. plus…my 3K+ followers didn’t seem to mind 😉
E! needs a reality show about…  me duh.  I’m as awesome, crazy, dysfunctional, & interesting as they come. Eat your heart out Honey Boo Boo….it’s The Nina Show..get on wit ya bad self…there’s a new loud mouth brat in town!
My go-to fast food meal is…  I just mosey on over to Hubby Jack’s IG feed & see what greasy unhealthy concoction he’s stuffing in his face hole that day & replicate that.
You might not know that I… was almost kidnapped when I was a toddler and have a niece that was totally kidnapped when she was a baby. Her name is Rae-Leigh Bradbury & she’s flippin famous. Go ahead…google her. Or just click the link if ya lazy.
The hottest quarterback in the NFL is… I don’t watch sports…but aren’t they all hot? isn’t it a prerequisite to being a football playa?
If I could…. think of an answer for this question I would type it.
My personality is awesome because…  HAVE YOU READ MY BLOG?? Everything about my personality radiates pure awesomeness. If you think my blog is outta control awesome…you should meet the real life me!
Twerking is….  too damn hard. I try it every now & then b/c I think it would be totes hilar to bust out in full on twerk mode at the most inopportune times…but it’s just too freakin hard. my butt don’t bend that way.
I think it’s super gross when… imma let my freak flag fly here and go ahead & tell ya’ll what i’ve already told ya’ll…when people do anything they do with gum (ugh..just typing that word makes me cringe)!!! Why would anyone want to chew on the same piece of food for hours?  I want you to stick a piece of steak in your mouth & chew it for 4 hours straight! I’ve already went on my gum rant here. And since I’m a Chiclephobia sufferer…I believe I have every right to rant.
Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus….  oh where do we start! i’m pretty sure the internet overload of ecards is doing a good job of that.  actually…been there, blogged that. Here. Here.  Here.  and Here.  Wowza! Did I actually devote 4 posts to Smiley Miley??
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