Dirty Girl Mud Run!

Back on October 4th…Muh Girls & I  hit the road with Hippie Santa and headed to Dallas for the Dirty Girl Mud Run!



Hollie was super excited about the bridges in tha big ol city!

We got to our hotel Friday night & promptly got busy on taking our IG selfies!

1440 1441 1443 1444 1445 1446

We finally got the perfect one! You’re obvi welcome IG.

Then we headed to get some yummayyy Tex Mex & Margaritas! (both staples for the #RoadtrippityTribe)

Great girl talk & great company!

We even found some sweet deco for Uncle Babe.

photo (5)


We grabbed our To Go cups & took our party on the road!

Errr..or to the back parking lot for some drunk cartwheel fun.

Luckily Walmart was also in the same parking lot & we were able to hang there for a bit to let our buzz fizzle do some shopping.


Hippie Santa was a great DD!

Even though he did drive sooo slow he caused this!

We headed back to the hotel to rest up for the big race the next day!





Or something like that.

There may or may not have been a lot of drinking, social media, & twerking involved.

Unfortunately, even though Hollie has exceptionally AMAZING twerking skills…she’s kinda not as awesome as me & wouldn’t let me share. BOOOO. That’s ok ya’ll…I’ll totally make you a spoof video and show you how it went down.

The next morning we were up and out the door to make the first time slot at the race!

I can’t EVEN explain to you HOW MUCH FREAKIN FUN the Dirty Girl Mud Run was & really the whole weekend! We had THE BEST TIME!

There are wayyyy too many photos from the race…so I made you an awesome vid to enjoy! Sorry there isn’t any fun upbeat music…I suck at making a decision on something cool. There is sound on the video parts so turn up the volume when your watch it. Pump up the jam Pump It up. Oh wait…no music…anyone have any fun song ideas I can add to this video after watching it LET ME KNOW & I will add them…and you will get mega street cred cool Nina points.

We walked a lot of it…but we also ran a lot of it. We completed every single obstacle like a badass! I can’t wait to do it again!

And what’s next for this #RoadTrippityTribe ???  Just more pure awesomeness.


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Best Day Everrr…Worst Day Everrr…

It’s a sad sad day here at The Nina Show.

This morning the unthinkable happened.

And my heart is heavy.

I was rockin to muh jams on the way to the Post Office to check the three PO boxes just like everrr other day…and I hit the brakes to stop. Out of nowhere the front seat flew my stupid rude ass laptop and into the floorboard….


Hippie Santa.


(insert super ugly Farrah cry face here)

The tragic accident severed his arm.

(insert super ugly KIM Kardashian cry face here)

And it was kinda his important arm.

uh yeah he's just chillin on top of muh Bible. uh...you couldn't protect him GOD? WTH?!

uh yeah he’s just chillin on top of muh Bible. uh…you couldn’t protect him GOD? WTH?!


Worst. Day. Everrrr.

I just really don’t know where to go from here.

Hippie Santa was muh BFF.

We had some good times together.

Road trips…. (aka #roadtrippity)

Late night Wally World trips…

He’s with me through the everrday rigamaroo. (yes that’s totally a word)

He’s right by my side on my binging days.

He’s my party partner.

Oh yeah.. Gnomie My Homie DiED.  Forgot to tell ya’ll.  It’s all good though…it was for the best. Blessing in disguise actually.  I think he died of being a lying, stealing, pathetic, piece of white trash shit..but not for sure. You should ask Janie.

(I know Gnomie looks sweet…but don’t let his face fool ya..wolf in sheep’s clothing.)



I’ve got pictchas of EVERRRbody I know peacin out with Hippie Santa.

He’s a pal like no other..Seriously the most awesome dude eva.

And now this…

photo (4)


How he’s still cheesin & peacin under the circtumstances…I just dunno. He’s got the best attitude. We could all learn something from him.

Right now we are meeting with surgeons and exploring our options.

So if anyone has any ideas of how we can help Hippie Santa make it through this heartbreaking time…let me know.

I’m thinking of organizing some kind of event. He needs a color, a slogan, and an emblem. I was thinking about Hope 4 Hippie Santa. 

Hope 4 Hippie Santa

in other news

Even though my morning started off rather cataclysmic…it also started out uber awesome!

That’s b/c muh FAVVVVV blogger HOLLY at Where we can live like Jack & Sally asked me to guest post for her today!!!

What?! What?!

I mean really...how can you not be in love with her after reading that about me.

I mean really…how can you not be in love with her after reading that about me?

Holly is seriously one rockin cool chick. Her humor completes me.

She is the wife of this guy:

Who is equally as hilarious. But not as famous.

Check out muh guest post awesomeness HERE.

guest post

#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAA part one-The adventures of Hippie Santa & Gnomie My Homie


Meet Hippie Santa:

Not my dad...the other guy.

Not my dad…the other guy.


You may remember him from our family Christmas Bingo.


Meet Gnomie My Homie:

Not my mom...the short dude in the pic.

Not my mom…the short dude in the pic.


They are BFF’s.


and they’ve been dying to take a road trip together.

On a side note…on Easter my bro asked me if they can only be together when we (me & busy bee) are together. I was like…well, I guess I could arrange for like a sleepover or something. That guy is a weirdo.

Back to the important stuff….these two were totally PSYCHED to get to hang out & roadtrip together!



Can you see the excitement on their faces?



After a quick fill up…





And a car wash….

062 063 065 068


They were ready to hit the road!


Of course there was the occasional detour for a random photo op.

093 136

These guys were seriously outta control!

137099 100

They caught a ride on the short bus! Ha!

101 138

When they FINALLY cut out the shenanigans & arrived at Destination: Houston….they stopped at Pappasitos to get their Mexican Food on!


And apparently their drink on!


They are so famous everywhere they go. The waiter even asked to take a pic with them.


We don’t always hang out with The Most Interesting Man In The World….


But when we do…it’s epic.

Finally…after a long awesome day of travel…they got some down time in the hotel.


T.V.  Time.

They fought over the remote.

Hippie Santa was determined to watch some Bachelor reruns while Gnomie My Homie was more into finding him some Duck Dynasty to get an Uncle Si fix.


The next morning they were bright eyed & bushy tailed… and ready to attack the day!


Such picture whores…always posing for a shot!


Breakfast of champions!


They were really into the Color Me Rad color bombs!

594 596

Hippie Santa was giddy with excitement.


Gnomie My Homie was a little more chill about it.


On the way home…Gnomie jammin to some 90’s on 9.


Buh-Bye Houston!


Of course..who can have a roadtrip without a little Chick-Fil-A?



These are going on the wall.


Poor Santa got an ice cream headache. Ouch. You can see the pain on his face!


Gnomie decided to play it safe with a coke.




These guys rocked the road trip! They are stoked to already be planning their next one!



Stay tuned to part two of:

You can follow the everyday adventures of Hippie Santa & Gnomie My Homie on Instagram:

To  follow their roadtrip search:  #roadtrippity



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