Jesus..I get to meet him again?

The other day,  Garridon was hanging on the fridge. I yelled at him to quit. I said..what are you going to do when that falls over on you? I guess you will get to meet Jesus.

G said…oh you mean I get to meet him again?

I was like…umm huh?

He said..oh yeah I’ve already met him before, when I was a baby in your tummy I met him before I was born.


You know what?

We don’t know that he didn’t ūüôā



Muh Baby Showers

Baby Shower Invite

Let’s get this party started with a looky at muh showers.

First though…here’s the Christmas card I sent out when I was pregnant with Daynie…

118The little pink gingham bow was just a stick on fabric bow I found in packs of (a bunch) in the craft section at walmart!



1st Shower…given by my side of the family…2208390-R1-005-1



This was almost NINE years ago…before Pinterest, digital invites, & unlimited internet resources! I think everyone did a great job! Everything was SO CUTE! My first shower that muh sistas threw me…was kind of a pink gingham theme b/c that’s what Daynie Muffin’s crib bedding was.


2208390-R1-017-7 2208390-R1-019-8 2208390-R1-021-9 2208390-R1-023-10

My house was decorated western & it looks so small with so many people in it! We moved from this house when Daynie was about a year & a half old…we have rented it out ever since.

2208390-R1-025-11 2208390-R1-027-12 2208390-R1-029-13 2208390-R1-031-14 2208390-R1-033-15 2208390-R1-035-16


2208390-R1-037-17 2208390-R1-039-18


2nd Shower given by Danny’s side of the family.



Danny’s brother’s wife did almost everything for this shower…including hand typing these adorable invites! They were paper sacks that people were to bring baby food in to the shower. We got 59 jars of baby food, 13 bottles of juice, & one box of cereal!!

Shower 1



Her and her mother also hand cut all the fabric & assemble these adorable little diapers…then stuffed them with mints!! I took the leftovers on a tray to the hospital when I had Daynie for the nursing staff….they were sooo excited!!

123 124 125


I still have that frame with Daynie’s sono.

047_47 048_48 049_49 050_50 051_51 052_52 053_53 054_54

2208390-R1-041-19 2208390-R1-043-20 2208390-R1-045-21 2208390-R1-047-22


And here is that PRESH little baby the day she was going home from the hospital!



She is dressed in the same outfit I came home in. Here I am in it…



My shower from when I was preggo with Garridon was a lot more low key since it was my second baby. My good friend had it for me at a local restaurant.

shower 3

Here’s Miss Priss in her Big Sista shirt!

100_0228 100_0229 100_0230 100_0231 100_0232 100_0233 100_0234 100_0235 100_0236 100_0237 100_0239 100_0240 100_0241 100_0242

My friend’s grandma made these precious quilts and they were my FAV gift…& I still have them and the matching pillow!

100_0244 100_0245 100_0253 100_0261


And here is that perfect little man the day he came home from the hospital…



Both ¬†my babies hospital pics…

127 128


Yes…that guy IS flippin off the camera. He was also takin cars for joy rides by 4.

Toy Story Birthday-Plus Party Tips!

Toy Story Invite Example


I designed the invites to match the theme of the party! My kids LOVE having their pictures on them & it’s a fun surprise for the kids receiving them!

Party Tip: design fees are very affordable & you get the finished digital image emailed to you so that you can print all that you want!


Party Tip: One of my very favortie things to do is coordinate my kid’s outfits to match the party theme! It’s a fun little detail that makes the kid feel extra special plus it’s an added touch to the party decor!


Garridon & his best friend since they were in diapers…Jaggar Man!


Our fav sassy little twirler!

051 053

Party Tip: Sometimes it’s easier & cheaper to just have the party at a party place that does everything for you!

062 064

Party Tip: Bring your invitation or a party plate to the people doing your cake & have them match to it as closely as possible! You can also buy them on eBay & email the image to the person making it.


I also designed the picture on the cake! I just printed it out & took it to Brookshires & had them transfer it to the edible photo paper.


Party Tip: Use the kid’s toys that match the theme as decorations on the cake & the table!

078 079 081 082

Party Tip: Get a double layer cake & request the top be chocolate & the bottom vanilla to please all your party guests!

083 084

Party Tip: Have hand sanitizer ready to go after the kids play & do the party activities before they eat cake.

085 086

Party Tip: If the theme is currently popular…hit up your local grocery store for coordinating drinks & snacks!

087 088 091 092 093

See the cups on the back table in the photo above? They are Toy Story plastic drinking cups from Walmart filled with Toy Story little toys & candy.

Party Tip: ALWAYS check Walmart first for you party theme supplies! They have the cheapest stuff & usually a good selection!094 095 101

Garridon’s shirt & flip flops are also from Walmart.

Party Tip: If it is a popular theme you can usually find the coordinating clothes at Walmart too!

102 134 145 149 152

Spongebob 2nd Birthday Party

Birthday Week

This is Garridon’s 2nd Birthday.

I  always design my kids invites myself. I actually do this for anyone for a design can check that out here.

l (31)

I have made my kids cakes a few times. Since..I have decided it is much easier (not cheaper) to just pay someone to do it. ¬†It’s too stressful to spend the whole party day making a cake when I have decorating & other stuff to get done.¬†l (32)¬†l (33)

Of course my little sidekick had to help! l (34) l (35)


G man checking out the cake…this is where he realized it was turning into Spongebob!l (30)



All finished!l (29)

It was a cold yucky day outside!! We used the Sesame Street Inflatable from his 1st Bday. & rented a big one for the big kids.l (4)

I set up the cake table outstide.

l (24)l (25)

l (22)

I did have another cake from Walmart.. because at the last minute I freaked thinking mine wouldn’t taste any good. But it was great to have a backup b/c there were A LOT of folks there & we actually needed both cakes.l (23)

Miss Priss. l (26) l (27)

Yes. I always put my kids in coordinating outfits to match the party theme. It’s just how I roll. I made her bows…but her outfit & G’s were from Walmart.¬†l (28)


Here’s Little Man & Issa. He had JUST woke up from a nap & wasn’t a happy camper yet.


l (21)


Even thought the day was yucky…the kids had a blast on the blow up slide/bounce house! Call it “white trash” if ya want Kidd Kraddick…these things are ALWAYS worth the money!

l (14) l (15) l (16)

These babies seriously melt my heart! l (17) l (18) l (19)

I had bubble machines (because Spongebob’s fav pasttimes is bubbles duH) ¬†but the wind was so crazy we had to turn them off.¬†l (20)


We brought the cakes in to sing Happy Birthday.

l (10) l (11)


l (9)

l (6) l (12) l (13)

This pic always cracks me up!

l (8)


l (1)l (2) l (3)

Here’s what was left of Spongebob!l



#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAAA part four-And we’re off!

So when I left you hangin on the last #roadtrippity post…we were here:



At the start line.324

With allll these people behind us:330

Let me start off by saying….Since we started telling the kids about where we were going…we called it a “race” for lack of better words. ¬†They really had no clue what to expect. They had never been to anything like that before & had no clue what it was all about. So I can see when we say the word “race” ¬†(which is sorta kinda right) I can see how they got their point of view.

So..I was thinking because we were surrounded by hundreds of people…that the start off would be rather slow & congested.

I wasn’t counting on the possibility of us being FIRST at the starting line! I mean c’mon..what are the odds of that?? Of course…what are the odds of my son getting Happy Birthday sung to him by hundreds of people?? Apparently pretty good. Ha!


So…what came next…I wasn’t really expecting.


The guy put down the flag & said GO….And Garridon set off to win the race.

Yes…I had a minor freak out.

Ok…I had a major mom freak out moment.

I was laughing & freaking at the same time.

That kid is FAST.


There was NO EFFIN WAY ¬†I…or any of muh posse was ganna catch that kid.


CIAH13_05_00313 CIAH13_05_00314

Even if I wasn’t an asmathic hippo…I couldn’t have caught him.

CIAH13_05_00315 CIAH13_05_00316

I was afraid he would get like 1/2 a mile ahead & realize that we weren’t with him and look around & see hundreds of strangers. or get off the track & get lost. or get kidnapped. or be scared when I wasn’t there.

Thank the sweet baby Lord Jesus that the kid only got about a hundred yards ahead before he turned to see where we were.

I felt so bad for him because he really was ahead of everyone..& so proud of himself that he was that fast. He really thought that was what he was supposed to do!


This was really the only hill the whole race..up & down the bridge.342 343 345 346 348

Daynie’s face was pretty much like that the whole time LOL. She was not into the physical part of the whole thing!354 355 356 359

Here is Aunt Babe pretending to run.

Notice the people walking behind her the whole time.

361 362 363 364 365

Here’s me pretending to run. We were trying to get some action shots…to show we were ya know…really into it. Also notice the people walking behind us. Lol…we didn’t really think things through.366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373


Next post I’ll get to the Color Bombing…

.for now..enjoy this BEFORE of us getting photo bombed,


Some mo befo’s:

CIAH13_10_00531 CIAH13_10_00532






Kid’s school Christmas parties


I don’t know why in the world the goofy school schedules the kid’s parties all at the same time! The parking (or lack thereof) is reedick.

And this was the line to get in…


It was fuh- reezin!

Plus.. Because the parties were at the same time.. I spent the whole time running back and forth between each class.






Garridon’s teacher did a fun game to hand out presents.. They played “hot potato” but with the presents.






Everyone got a coloring book and crayons.. Which I thought was a great idea.. And we were supposed to put them in gift bags. Well I forgot and wrapped Garridon’s. I justified it to myself by saying bags are boring for little kids & unwrapping is fun.

Well I realized at the party why this rebel mamma needs to follow rules..
The bags were meant to carry all their party goodies home. Which is pretty much a genius idea. Hats off to the room mom.


I rushed back over to Daynie’s room just in time to find out why all the kids getting the same gift was also a genius idea.


Daynie was opening her secret Santa gift and I was mortified at her behavior!


She had a bad look on her face and was saying..a baby! I’m not a baby! I hate babies!.


And here is where the sweet little girl (who also happens to be a church friend and was on our t ball team) was calling Daynie’s name and when Daynie looked up the little girl had the most excited look on her face and was saying.. Do you like it?


Daynie was being such a brat.

I don’t know who the mom to my right witnessing this atrocious behavior was.. But thank The Lord that the mom to my left I knew and was reassuring me that all of our kids have acted that way at some point.

I grabbed Daynie and gave her an earful. I could tell she was embarrassed and actually felt bad about the thought that the little girl might have heard her act that way over the present she brought. Sometimes I have to remember that Daynie is seven and thinks like a seven year old. Her mind was on herself and the disappointment of not getting the present she wanted. Once I got onto her and expanded her thought process to include other people.. I could see the look on her face and could tell she felt bad about it. That made me feel good that she felt remorse for her actions and compassion for another’s feelings.

A few minutes later a mom asked Daynie to take a pic with her son. Daynie kind of made a face at her like are you serious? Do I have to?

Again I was one embarrassed mamma!

The mom said her son did the same thing when she told him she wanted a pic of the two of them. He said he didn’t want to take a picture with a girl!

That did make me think how awkward and embarrassing that could be through the eyes of seven year olds.

The reason the mom wanted the pic was because these three kids gave been in the same class together since Kindergarten..


Daynie’s teacher made these totally adorable ornaments…


I love it! I could tell she put a lot of time in them! What a great keepsake!

Next Daynie’s class decorated cookies.





I ran back down to Garridon’s party to get him and came back to find this..



Here’s some of Garridon’s artwork in the hall.



Brooklyn & Garridon…


Garridon’s teacher’s gift…


Daynie’s was the same except with her teachers name .

Before we left we took a little stroll through the Lost & Found.


Yes. That is serious people!


No Ace, just you.


Glad the world didn’t end…bc I’m pretty stoked to use this in twenty thirteen..






I got the PDF from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Step by step directions on printing made it easy. The last page (blog brainstormer) came from The Project Girl
I like the format & printed about 25 front and back and added them to the back. I just took it to a local place and had it bound into a spiral.

Loves it.

Like our big ass ham?


Don’t be jelly.

This guy…


Loves to wrap presents.

He was seriously cracking me up with his preciseness with the To: & From:


This other guy:


Is having a great time fillin the freezer


Have you lost a jacket?


If you have there’s a good chance it’s in the lost & found lining the halls of my kids school.

Yes. That’s for real.

This gives me some serious chuckles.




Pin it…ya know ya wanna!


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