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Shout out to the Bee for giving me a heads up on this free stuff.

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Bzz Agent…you are my hero.

So..I’m a secret agent.


Kinda like Special Agent Oso..


but way cooler.

photo (90)

Well…maybe not a secret agent. But you can imagine what it would’ve been like. Prob way awesome.

I’m a BzzAgent.

Still wayyy awesome!

I get free stuff & coupons in muh mail.

and I heart it soooo much!

Lately though…muh freebies from the Bzz has been a lifesaver.

If you can’t tell from my lack of blogging lately…my life is pretty much crazy busy. I hardly have time to fit anything into my day.

So I def haven’t had time to plop myself into a therapy chair & get muh herrr did.

My roots were outta control.

Thank the Baby Lord Jesus when BzzAgent sent me a coupon for this:

Oh yeah baby!

I was excited to try it out!

494 495 496 497 498 499

Does anyone else play with their hair like this when they are coloring?

If not…you’re just boring.

You gotta see how high you can make it stick up!

Then slick it back to see what you’d look like as a boy!

This stuff was seriously awesome! I loved the way it smelled. It wasn’t an overwhelming chemical smell. It smelled GOOD! Plus my hair turned out so soft. Even forever after I dyed it…it was still soft.

Ya’ll gotta try this stuff.


You likey?


So…this has pretty much been East Texas lately:



That would be POLLEN peeps.




721 722

Here it is around our dumpster at work. That would be G Man’s adorbs little flipped flopped feet.



Seriously ya’ll….the pollen is nuts right now.


And this is me….


photo (88)


Does anyone have a machete so I can cut my head off?

Unfortunetly…my little male clone.has also inherited my allergy gene.

We are both the seasonally sickly nerds of the family.

So I owe a BIG FAT thank you to BzzAgent & Claritin for this SUUU-WEEEET little package:

photo (87)

They have been a lifesaver for this mom & her baby!

It’s getting harder to get my kids to guzzle the liquid stuff & they just don’t have a clue when it comes to swallowing pills…so these were perfect. G loved the taste. I haven’t noticed any sneezing or snorting since he started taking it…so it must be working! I only have to give him one every couple of days.

And me?? Yes. I take two. It’s the same dosage as one adult Claritin…but it tastes sooo much better. I don’t like swallowing pills & the melt in your mouth stuff makes me want to gag. They work just as well as the adult stuff.

Do you wanna getcha some too?

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Feelin Lucky

I was very excited to come home Monday & see this little box sitting on my doorstep’


I won it from a giveaway hosted by Kelly on Semi Homemade Mom’s blog!

It was sponsored by independent Scentsy Consultant, Sierra Gillham.

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I’ve never really won anything before so I was feeling lucky!


I’m so excited to try out these three scents!


I’ve been wanting a scentsy warmer with a cross on it for a long time! Thanks so much Kelly & Sierra!

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I like to be the over the top do it different mom…so I jumped right on this for teacher’s & g-parents, & bff’s.


Muh Bill Book

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This is my kick @$$ Bill Book


And I heart it so much!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things organized. Office & school supplies make me giddy.

This is what I was working with..


It was more of a Momager.. It had everything from kids school things to meal planning.

It was great but I really needed a whole new system for our bills.

I came across this system in muh search

I ordered me some fancy smancy dividers and stuff from Office Depot online and got busy.


I made two sets of dividers… one for our fixed monthly bills and the other for credit accounts. (More on them lata)

In the front pocket I keep post it’s
for reminders & stuff.


I used these dividers to make my sections…


I printed my design on card stock and put it in the clear page protector divider. They came with clear labels for the tabs so I printed the section name on them.


In the first section Bills to Pay I put a pocket divider to hold my bills as they come in until I pay them..


The next section is Calendar and Bill Schedule


First in this section I have two lists that i can check off each month after I pay them. The first list is of my fixed monthly bills and the second page is a list of my credit accounts. I got the PDF for these lists here.


Next I have monthly calendars for the year. I like to see what is do and when..calendar style. It helps me to see it visually. Like say a bill’s due date is on the weekend. I write that bill down on the calendar to be paid on Friday. I also like to highlight a bill after I’ve paid it. I know this can be duplicative of the lists.. But it works for me. I generally find free calendars on a variety of blogs.. But this particular set came from here.



In the next two sections is where I used the dividers. Fixed Monthly Bills and Credit Accounts.


Basically, there is a tab for each bill. Once I pay the bill, I file it behind the tab.

This has corrected a lot of problems for me.. I used to take all the bills after I paid them for the month and file them in a file cabinet. This obviously lasted a hot minute because I’m so lazy busy. So they pretty much ended up thrown in a big plastic tote.. Which made it hard to find anything when I needed to refer back to it.


Now..I they are always filed as I pay them and easily accessible.

The best the end of the year.. I will just stick the whole notebook on the shelf and start over.

No need to file the stuff at the end of the year..and no digging through files or boxes when I need something.

The last section All Other is just for various misc. I also added a pocket divider in this section to hold misc…like carbon copies of checks for little stuff I pay & ect.


In the back of the binder I have this.. To ya know.. Remind me..


So that’s that.

Isn’t it beautiful?

For the PDF Bill Schedule List & the PDF 2018 Calendar…click the link to the blogs that made them.

For the covers to my sections…click the pic below to download and print them.

You’re welcome.

Bills to Pay Calendar & Bill Schedule Cover Credit Accounts Fixed Monthly Bills All OtherMedical Bills

BlankMuh Bill Book Cover

Bill Paying System


March 26, 2013

I had to move it to a bigger binder.. But I’m lovin it! This is a 3″ D ring I got off

I think this will last me the rest of the year!




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