Sesame Street Babies 1st Birthday Party

Birthday Week


There is a lot of birthday’s going on around here this time of the year. Garridon’s was the end of March…My mom’s the 9th of April, Danny’s mom the 17th, & my dad is this Thurs the 25th. A big fat Happy Birthday shout out to all ya’ll!

In celebration of all these B Days….this week I will be featuring some birthday parties I have done in the past.

Today I am starting will Little Man’s very first Birfday!

I always design my kids invites myself. I actually do this for anyone for a design can check that out here.


He was seriously the most adorable little chunk everrrrr.

The first two pics I took of him on a ride-on toy at Toys-R-Us & then removed the background & added the fun swirls.l (1) l (2)

The next few i did myself in my living room. I was trying to do a little birthday photo shoot so I could frame them for the party. They are dark & terrible b/c this was “back in that day” when I had a crazy little point & shoot camera that took forever to take one picture. l (3)

I was able to do a little editing to make them look a little better.l (4) l (5)

All of these I framed for the party table & then used in his new big boy Sesame Street room after the party.l (6) l (7) l (8) l (9) l (10) l (11) l (12) l (13)

Here’s the big setup…l (14)

The big letters were colored foam board from Michael’s. I just used black & white to do the faces/ letters & then cut them out. ONE foam board for each letter. The characters on each side & around the party are the same. Except….the letters I free handed…and the characters I used a local church’s overhead projector and one of the party plates to trace the characters onto the board. Then I painted over the pencil and cut out.l (15) l (16)

I had Walmart just do the cupcakes red, yellow, blue in the stringy hair design…then I did the faces myself using white gumballs and black frosting for the eyes & mouths and that cookie cereal for the cookies coming out of cookie monster’s mouth.l (17)

I made the party hats myself. Rather time consuming but soooo cute! I just bought some already made party hats…then covered in felt…cut out the mouths in black felt and nose in orange, & used googly eyes and then hot glued all that stuff together. It was surprisingly easy!l (18)

I honestly don’t remember where I got all the party supplies…prob somewhere online. I actually still have a lot of it. LOLl (19) l (20) l (21) l (22)

I know I got the blow up bounce house off …I actually only wanted it for this party. It was soo perfect for the age. I also used it for his 2nd Birthday…then sold it on CraigsList.l (23)

This little ball pit I got of Amazon. I also sold it after the party.l (24) l (25)

The kid’s matching overalls I got from a MySpace lady. Yes I just said MySpace. LOL Remember…this party was 5 years ago! Wow that stings!l (26)

Daynie’s bow I made…that’s why it’s a hot mess.l (27) l (28) l (29) l (30) l (31) l (32) l (33) l (34) l (35) l (36) l (37)

I LOVE those little fold out couches! We actually JUST sold that in a garage sale about 6 months ago!! All the little chairs you see…I kept for his room & then sold them in garage sales as he out grew them.l (38)

Look at what a fat monster baby G was!! Oh how I miss it! Tiny Issa next to him on the couch is actually 5 months older than him. l (39) l (40) l (41) l (42)



Like I said…some of the stuff…including the letters…I used as decorations in his new big boy room he got for his 1st birthday.

l (2)

l (9)

ll (8)l (7)l (3)

l (8)l (6) l (5) l (4)l (10)l (2) l (1)l (5)

l (11)


I still have the letters in his room today…when we changed his room to Cars theme…I just got fabric from Walmart & covered the letters…


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