DIY Hello Kitty Pilgrim Thanksgiving Shirt!





This is such an easy  DIY holiday shirt!






What you will need:

BlackTee download images printers


Iron. Shirt. Ink Jet Printer. DARK Iron on Transfers.

Just use the FREE image below & print onto  the iron on transfer and then follow the iron on’s directions to apply to shirt! If you have mad computer skills…add your daughter’s name to the design before printing 🙂



To save the image to your computer…Right click and hit Open in a new tab. Then in the new tab right click the photo again and hit Save Image As. 1150188913_1024x768_hello-kitty-and-thanksgiving-wallpapers



DIY Gingerbread House for Little Elves

Gingerbread house

Christmas is right around the corner! It’s never too early to start planning those school parties or just a fun family night to make memories!

This is a super easy little spin on the traditional gingerbread house which can be hard for little hands to manage.

I have done these with my kid’s school classes for several years and they are always a huge hit! I have also thrown a Gingerbread Party for my daughter & her friends using this same technique!

Here’s what you will need…

26627-8-ff-choc-milk-hpt[[2]]___Source frosting bags SONY DSC



If I am doing a class party…I just ask my children’s teacher to save the milk cartons from lunch one day. (Tip: hot glue the carton shut)

It isn’t necessary to put the frosting in a ziploc bag…but it sure makes it less messy & easy on little hands!

Graham crackers broke in halves fit perfect on the milk carton!

Use the frosting to “glue” the sides of the house (graham crackers) to the carton.



Tip: I like to hot glue the milk carton to the paper plate so that it doesn’t move around while they are decorating!




See how it shapes into a cute little house? The carton gives it just the support it needs!

Then grab whatever fun candy you want to decorate your house! Use the frosting to glue it on!



It’s that easy!

DIYoself Jewelry Board

I’ve been wanting to tackle this project for awhile!

I have a large jewelry box but it just doesn’t do the job!


It only holds about 8 necklaces & when you put them in the drawers they are a tangled mess. It was seriously getting out of control.

I had some extra bulletin boards at the howse so I decided to make a jewelry board… Obviously As Seen on Pinterest. Don’t have the exact there is only five bajillion to choose from!

I started out going to spray paint my boards..


It was really windy and I tried to use a texture spray paint. Ugh! That was an effin mess of piss me off! I ended up just trying to wipe it off and taking them inside and painting them with some acrylic paint I already had. Mind you this was my SECOND attempt at spray painting the boards! Saturday I came home with a can from Wally World & the nozel wouldn’t it wouldn’t spray…ugh! After I threw a little baby fit..I succumbed to the reality that I couldn’t finish my long awaited project that evening 🙁   Sunday after church I went back to Wally World & exchanged the can of spray paint. They didn’t have any left of the kind of got the day before…so I had to settle for a less sparkly not as perfect kind :/

aaaaand we see how that turned out! UGH! The can ran out after only doing 1/3 of the board AND the texture did not spray out evenly & it looked like a clumped up mess. No pic of the craziness..I was way too ticked!


The day before I went to Hobby Lobby looking for cute scrapbook paper to use for the board… But the more I looked at it and thought about it.. I decided on painting it a solid color. I knew once I got all my necklaces on there it would just look a crazy mess if I used a design.

I found these big headed tacks at Mardel and decided to paint them.


It took just two coats to cover the plastic.



(the tacks after the 1st coat)

Ready to go!


I made two boards and hung them both in my bathroom on two walls that have been empty since we moved in.





The best thing about using tacks is you can easily move them around the board where you need them.



I had some sparkly brown tulle & just hot glued it on the edge. I already had the cross hanging in the bathroom….I just got a tack & hung the cross on the edge of the board.




Jamberry Nails

A couple weeks ago I got this cute little package in the mail:



It is a sample pack from Anneliese.  144



The heart & zebra nail shields are called Jamberry Juniors (made exclusively for kids) & were for Daynie!

I tried them out the night before Valentines Day so she could look totally fabulous for her party at school the next day!


They came with great directions!




She was so excited to get started! 147

Application was pretty simple..148


I cut the stickers at the halfway & turned them around and used other side for the other hand!



and by doing that I had so many left after I was done!152


The directions say to use a hair dryer on the nails to make the stickers seal…what a great idea to include a bean bag that could be heated in the microwave in the sample bag to use in place of the hair dryer!




Daynie’s turned out FABULOUS!




I have never been much on having painted finger nails. Maybe it’s because it’s almost impossible to find polish to last more than a few hours! I decided to try a few that were in the sample pack on myself!




Super cute!



These are the Jamberry Juniors…check out the selection online…153

And when I saw these…I got REALLY giddy! Because everyone knows my obsesh with all things Holiday!154

And WHAAAAAAT??? I HEART themes! I die! Softball & T-ball season…here we come!155

To be honest…I had originally planned on doing these for her birthday weekend…but kept putting them off. Lazy mom much?


I thought they would be a pain! But to my surprise…application turned out to be so easy!

The best part…getting to hang with Daynie & laugh and just feel connected! And she LOVED the extra attention from me! It was definitely a better bonding time then if I had just taken her to the nail place!

It’s been a week of 8 year old stuff…school, twirl, softball, baths…& they are still going strong!


To get your own Jamberry Nails…check out their website!

Email ( ) Anneliese & let her know you heard about Jamberry Nails from Mommy Edwards and get a free gift with purchase!




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