Muh Baby Showers

Baby Shower Invite

Let’s get this party started with a looky at muh showers.

First though…here’s the Christmas card I sent out when I was pregnant with Daynie…

118The little pink gingham bow was just a stick on fabric bow I found in packs of (a bunch) in the craft section at walmart!



1st Shower…given by my side of the family…2208390-R1-005-1



This was almost NINE years ago…before Pinterest, digital invites, & unlimited internet resources! I think everyone did a great job! Everything was SO CUTE! My first shower that muh sistas threw me…was kind of a pink gingham theme b/c that’s what Daynie Muffin’s crib bedding was.


2208390-R1-017-7 2208390-R1-019-8 2208390-R1-021-9 2208390-R1-023-10

My house was decorated western & it looks so small with so many people in it! We moved from this house when Daynie was about a year & a half old…we have rented it out ever since.

2208390-R1-025-11 2208390-R1-027-12 2208390-R1-029-13 2208390-R1-031-14 2208390-R1-033-15 2208390-R1-035-16


2208390-R1-037-17 2208390-R1-039-18


2nd Shower given by Danny’s side of the family.



Danny’s brother’s wife did almost everything for this shower…including hand typing these adorable invites! They were paper sacks that people were to bring baby food in to the shower. We got 59 jars of baby food, 13 bottles of juice, & one box of cereal!!

Shower 1



Her and her mother also hand cut all the fabric & assemble these adorable little diapers…then stuffed them with mints!! I took the leftovers on a tray to the hospital when I had Daynie for the nursing staff….they were sooo excited!!

123 124 125


I still have that frame with Daynie’s sono.

047_47 048_48 049_49 050_50 051_51 052_52 053_53 054_54

2208390-R1-041-19 2208390-R1-043-20 2208390-R1-045-21 2208390-R1-047-22


And here is that PRESH little baby the day she was going home from the hospital!



She is dressed in the same outfit I came home in. Here I am in it…



My shower from when I was preggo with Garridon was a lot more low key since it was my second baby. My good friend had it for me at a local restaurant.

shower 3

Here’s Miss Priss in her Big Sista shirt!

100_0228 100_0229 100_0230 100_0231 100_0232 100_0233 100_0234 100_0235 100_0236 100_0237 100_0239 100_0240 100_0241 100_0242

My friend’s grandma made these precious quilts and they were my FAV gift…& I still have them and the matching pillow!

100_0244 100_0245 100_0253 100_0261


And here is that perfect little man the day he came home from the hospital…



Both  my babies hospital pics…

127 128


Yes…that guy IS flippin off the camera. He was also takin cars for joy rides by 4.

The day my kid found my blog..

Daynie: Oh yeah mama I checked out your blog.

Me: You what?

Daynie: And I really like the lazy mom meals.

Me: How did you know how to go to it?

Daynie: I just googled mommy edwards dot com on Daddy’s tablet.

Me: How do you even know how to get to Google?

Daynie: It says right here Google….

Me: But how do you even know what Google does?

Daynie: Because when you and Daddy were arguing about that thing the other day Daddy told you to Google it.  And plus one day at school my teacher used Google on the smart board to search for a game we were going to do.

Me: So exactly how much of my blog did you see?

Daynie: I looked all around.

Me: Stay of my blog.

This is very problematic to say the least.

Princess Birthday

Birthday Week


Today I am featuring a Princess Party!

This was Daynie’s 4th Birthday.

We had it at a local party place & it was fab!l (1) l (2) l (3) l (4) l (5) l (6) l (7) l (8) l (9) l (10) l (11) l (12) l (13) l (14) l (15)

Each girl got to take their turn on the stage modeling their princess attire during the fashion show!l (16)

Take home goodies fit for a princess..l (17)

Craft…making a princess picture frame!l (18) l (19)

Each girl got to go sit by Daynie on the stage as she opened the gift from them!l (20) l (21) l (22) l (23) l (24) l (25) l (26) l (27) l (28)

The little ladies were absolutely delighted to get to use all the grown up tea party dishes!l (29) l (30) l (31)

All the girls making their frames! The party place printed pics of the group of girls & put it in their frame to take home! What a great memory! We still have Daynie’s!l (32) l (33) l (34)

She felt so grown up getting to choose everything!l (35) l

Jamberry Nails

A couple weeks ago I got this cute little package in the mail:



It is a sample pack from Anneliese.  144



The heart & zebra nail shields are called Jamberry Juniors (made exclusively for kids) & were for Daynie!

I tried them out the night before Valentines Day so she could look totally fabulous for her party at school the next day!


They came with great directions!




She was so excited to get started! 147

Application was pretty simple..148


I cut the stickers at the halfway & turned them around and used other side for the other hand!



and by doing that I had so many left after I was done!152


The directions say to use a hair dryer on the nails to make the stickers seal…what a great idea to include a bean bag that could be heated in the microwave in the sample bag to use in place of the hair dryer!




Daynie’s turned out FABULOUS!




I have never been much on having painted finger nails. Maybe it’s because it’s almost impossible to find polish to last more than a few hours! I decided to try a few that were in the sample pack on myself!




Super cute!



These are the Jamberry Juniors…check out the selection online…153

And when I saw these…I got REALLY giddy! Because everyone knows my obsesh with all things Holiday!154

And WHAAAAAAT??? I HEART themes! I die! Softball & T-ball season…here we come!155

To be honest…I had originally planned on doing these for her birthday weekend…but kept putting them off. Lazy mom much?


I thought they would be a pain! But to my surprise…application turned out to be so easy!

The best part…getting to hang with Daynie & laugh and just feel connected! And she LOVED the extra attention from me! It was definitely a better bonding time then if I had just taken her to the nail place!

It’s been a week of 8 year old stuff…school, twirl, softball, baths…& they are still going strong!


To get your own Jamberry Nails…check out their website!

Email ( ) Anneliese & let her know you heard about Jamberry Nails from Mommy Edwards and get a free gift with purchase!




Ugh! And she’s not even a teenager yet!

I have spent all of yesterday afternoon/evening and this evening…cleaning my little hoarder’s room.

My child, has some serious issues. I threw away no less than 8 shoe boxes that she proclaimed to be “collecting”. Each and every one was filled with..umm how should I say this… CRAP!

Random little pieces of nothing and everything.

Every drawer, nook, and cranny was stuffed with something that didn’t belong there.


All of the cubes above were stuffed with crap.

The bad thing is I freak out and go through her room about once a month and dump every one of these out and clean it alll. It doesn’t take her but a few days to reload. Where does she get the crap to hoard??

The kids rooms are rather small and since we are trying to sell our house.. I am trying to simplify to make them appear bigger.

I boxed up over 100 bows, all her trophies, stuffed animals, and just random clutter.

This TV stand was taking up a lot of room so it had to go..


And that’s when I saw this…


That child is damn lucky she wasn’t home when I found it too.

We have a strict rule of no food or drink in rooms. Daynie is always getting busted too. And i never ever get through to that thick headed child.

Yes that’s a peanut butter cup!

Nasty. I’m shocked she doesn’t have monster sized rodents.


A spoon? Really Daynie?


This is all out of her room. The stuff to the left for garage sale & to the right is going into storage.

Dad: The brutally honest dream crusher

Sometimes honesty is not the best policy.

Take tonight’s dinnertime convo for example…

Daynie: When I grow up I’m going to be a doctor.

Danny: No you’re not.


Daynie: Yes I am.

Danny: You’ll never be a doctor.

Me: What Daddy is trying to say (with a supa ugly shut yo effin mouth look at Danny) is you  have to work hard and get really good grades to get into college to be a doctor. So if you want to be a doctor, you can, you just have to work harder at school.


Danny: Daynie…to be a doctor you have to go to school for 8 more years after you graduate from high school.

Daynie: Nevermind, I don’t want to be a doctor.


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