Daughter Diary

I found this rockin little furry journal & muh brain went: ding ding.20130802-084232.jpg


I decided to make it into a mother/daughter journal for me & Daynie muffin.

I printed these sayings to glue in the front for her for a little pick me up when she opens the journal.



You can get them HERE and HERE.



I started off by writing to Daynie. I wrote to her on a topic (they way she shows responsibiliy) and then I asked her a question to give her something to write back about.


Not sure why she wrote back all crazy all over the page. LoL..but I like her response. ¬†She said “getting to go to the track with your” and then asked me what I like to do with her.


This is what I glued into the back of the book. OF COURSE.


Garridon may have been a little jealous because he promptly got this spiral notebook out he got for Christmas and declared it our journal to write back & forth.



Isn’t he just the most precious man muffin in the whole wide world?



If you want to know this one says…Nina 8 Central is pretty. It cracks me up how he sounds out words sometimes. It might crack you up that the kid wrote Nina 8 central. He got it off tv or radio or something..it’s programming time as in… 9/8 central. LOL



The bottom says…and misses Kidd Kraddick. He’s been talking about Kidd a lot lately since he passed. We listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning every morning.

Daynie really got the hang of this quickly.



One thing about Daynie is that she has SUPER excellent beautiful & perfect handwriting. Like seriously people don’t believe it’s a kid writing. But for some reason she’s LAZY. And her writing crazy in this book just about took it’s toll on me & I had to address it! HA!



Basically…when I finish writing in the book I put it on her bed & when she finishes she puts it on mine.

It really opens up the door for discussions. She gets to ask me anything and me her. Everyone knows it’s easier to write what you want to say then to say it in person.

It also helps me to get inside her little head & peek into her world. I love to know what’s on her mind & how she views things.

I hope we can continue this through her teenage years!


I’ve included a quick list of ideas to get things rollin…

Mother daughter topics

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