Spongebob 2nd Birthday Party

Birthday Week

This is Garridon’s 2nd Birthday.

I  always design my kids invites myself. I actually do this for anyone for a design fee..you can check that out here.

l (31)

I have made my kids cakes a few times. Since..I have decided it is much easier (not cheaper) to just pay someone to do it.  It’s too stressful to spend the whole party day making a cake when I have decorating & other stuff to get done. l (32) l (33)

Of course my little sidekick had to help! l (34) l (35)


G man checking out the cake…this is where he realized it was turning into Spongebob!l (30)



All finished!l (29)

It was a cold yucky day outside!! We used the Sesame Street Inflatable from his 1st Bday. & rented a big one for the big kids.l (4)

I set up the cake table outstide.

l (24)l (25)

l (22)

I did have another cake from Walmart.. because at the last minute I freaked thinking mine wouldn’t taste any good. But it was great to have a backup b/c there were A LOT of folks there & we actually needed both cakes.l (23)

Miss Priss. l (26) l (27)

Yes. I always put my kids in coordinating outfits to match the party theme. It’s just how I roll. I made her bows…but her outfit & G’s were from Walmart. l (28)


Here’s Little Man & Issa. He had JUST woke up from a nap & wasn’t a happy camper yet.


l (21)


Even thought the day was yucky…the kids had a blast on the blow up slide/bounce house! Call it “white trash” if ya want Kidd Kraddick…these things are ALWAYS worth the money!

l (14) l (15) l (16)

These babies seriously melt my heart! l (17) l (18) l (19)

I had bubble machines (because Spongebob’s fav pasttimes is bubbles duH)  but the wind was so crazy we had to turn them off. l (20)


We brought the cakes in to sing Happy Birthday.

l (10) l (11)


l (9)

l (6) l (12) l (13)

This pic always cracks me up!

l (8)


l (1)l (2) l (3)

Here’s what was left of Spongebob!l



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