Pretty much the best birthday everrrr….

Yesterday was muh bday.


It was awesome! Pretty much one of the best everrr.

I didn’t get my drink on & party like it’s 2001…I wasn’t invited to that party. 

I did something pretty equally amazing though…I spent the day with my family just doing stuff.

I stayed off all social media for the day. I only touched my phone to take pics and answer birthday texts.

Here’s how it went:

First thing to make my bday totally awesome….

I got to sleep until I woke up ON MY OWN.


Since having kids, work, and a husband…this experience is pretty much non-existent.

Danny just laid beside me and patiently waited for me to wake on my own. Then after I woke he was even more patient and we just laid & cuddled & he rubbed my back. I love mornings like this! Then I rewarded his patience & allowed him to give me my 1st bday present…then I hopped into the shower while he started cleaning the house & making breakfast.

Our plan was to spend the day together at our new land & ride Danny’s new toy…but Danny got called into work for an oil leak…so he was gone pretty much the whole day.

I finished cooking breakfast and enjoyed eating with my two babies and Danny’s parents.

Danny's dad & my goofy kids.

Danny’s dad & my goofy kids.

Then we loaded up & headed out to the land to show Danny’s dad the new place.

I CAN NOT be more excited about our new land!

I am going to do a separate post on this exciting birthday present tomorrow!


We hung out there for a bit and let the kids run around. Then we headed back to the house. I wish Danny hadn’t been called into work b/c I really really wanted to take his new toy for a spin…

Supposedly…that was MY birthday present. Ha!

Back at the house I opened all the doors and let the beautiful sunshine & breeze flow through the house while I took some time to clean, mop, & even scrub toilets and baseboards. As in on my hand & knees with muh yellow gloves on scrubbin every last inch of the toilet. On my birthday. And it made me happy!



I also added a few more fall decorations around the house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall! November is obvi my fav month!

480 484 485

Then me & the kids loaded up again and headed to work to clean the office. I love taking my kiddos with me! They are so fun to hang out with & a big help!

We went to Walmart to grab dinner to cook & groceries for the week. And guess what?!?! My kids weren’t crazy little heathens in Walmart! Glory Glory Hallelujah Happy Birthday to me!

1339448105856_5155672 MjAxMy1lZjhiNWViMmJkMjM2MWU5

When we got back to the house around 5pm…my parents were there for dinner and Danny was finally home from work. I left Danny to cook our scrumptious meal and my parents and the kids and I headed back out to the land to let them see it. Can you tell I’m excited??

When we got home this yummy goodness was waiting on us…


All of muh fattening favs. Baked potatoe casserole, Stouffer’s mac & cheese, garlic toast, & Danny’s steak. I’m kinda stuck up when it comes to my steak…I only like the edge piece off the ribeye. Danny cooks THE BEST steak.

496 497 500

And now…the most AWESOME part of my birthday??

The gifts my dad brought! Starting with this cake he made me!

493  502

Seriously…yesterday morning at the store when I was getting breakfast stuff to cook…I wished I had a homemade cake and even stopped on the cake aisle and looked at the boxes of mix. I haven’t had homemade cake like that in years! It was such a great surprise when my dad showed up with it! It was SO GOOD!

My parents even got me this cool cake server that flips and can be used as a punch bowl! Holla!

503 489

And of course my Si bobble head & Tervis cup!



Gorgeous photos of my AUNT NINA!! (prounounced NINE-UH)



Obviously I this is the beautiful lady I was named after!

Here is her & my Uncle Eddie…

519 509

I also got her drivers license & her and Uncle Eddie’s SS cards.


Aunt Nina lived in Florida when she past years back. Her son passed earlier this year so his step daughter sent my dad a some of her things.

This gorgeous photo is my Aunt Nina’s daughter…Dottie…


She passed before I was born from breast cancer. I have heard of Dottie much over the years but never knew why she died. It’s a bit surreal to hear it was of breast cancer. That means it runs on both sides of my family as my Aunt Nina is my grandfather’s sister and my grandmother also had breast cancer.

See the pearls on her photo? When they opened Dottie’s urn a few months ago to split up the ashes…the only thing inside was these pearls.


I am SO very thankful that my Aunt Nina’s step-grandaughter mailed them to my dad. I have ALWAYS wanted some kind of jewelry of my Aunt Nina’s to have.  I don’t know if these pearls were ever hers or if she bought them for Dottie or even if there is a story behind them…but I am so grateful that they are mine now and I have a part of my Aunt Nina.

Oh..& what else did my dad bring me??


My Aunt Nina!


See the box in the middle? That’s her!


The box is beautiful! I think it’s so amazing that her ashes are inside! I love having her close!

Shhhh…don’t tell Danny he would probably freak! He hasn’t noticed yet!

Her step-grandaughter shipped her here so my dad can bury her next to my grandpa (her brother).

So all in all it was pretty much an amazingly perfect birthday!

Beautiful Day. Beautiful Family. Beautiful Life.

I am sooo blessed!

oh & to top it off….

when I weighed this morning expecting to see a bigger number from the weekend of yumminess:




Thank you weight loss gods & muh scale for that added bonus of a birthday gift!

I think I’ll roll with it and start the healthy eating today!

I’ll be on My Fitness Pal (mommy_edwards)  loggin like a fool!

Toy Story Birthday-Plus Party Tips!

Toy Story Invite Example


I designed the invites to match the theme of the party! My kids LOVE having their pictures on them & it’s a fun surprise for the kids receiving them!

Party Tip: design fees are very affordable & you get the finished digital image emailed to you so that you can print all that you want!


Party Tip: One of my very favortie things to do is coordinate my kid’s outfits to match the party theme! It’s a fun little detail that makes the kid feel extra special plus it’s an added touch to the party decor!


Garridon & his best friend since they were in diapers…Jaggar Man!


Our fav sassy little twirler!

051 053

Party Tip: Sometimes it’s easier & cheaper to just have the party at a party place that does everything for you!

062 064

Party Tip: Bring your invitation or a party plate to the people doing your cake & have them match to it as closely as possible! You can also buy them on eBay & email the image to the person making it.


I also designed the picture on the cake! I just printed it out & took it to Brookshires & had them transfer it to the edible photo paper.


Party Tip: Use the kid’s toys that match the theme as decorations on the cake & the table!

078 079 081 082

Party Tip: Get a double layer cake & request the top be chocolate & the bottom vanilla to please all your party guests!

083 084

Party Tip: Have hand sanitizer ready to go after the kids play & do the party activities before they eat cake.

085 086

Party Tip: If the theme is currently popular…hit up your local grocery store for coordinating drinks & snacks!

087 088 091 092 093

See the cups on the back table in the photo above? They are Toy Story plastic drinking cups from Walmart filled with Toy Story little toys & candy.

Party Tip: ALWAYS check Walmart first for you party theme supplies! They have the cheapest stuff & usually a good selection!094 095 101

Garridon’s shirt & flip flops are also from Walmart.

Party Tip: If it is a popular theme you can usually find the coordinating clothes at Walmart too!

102 134 145 149 152

60th Birthday Party-Damask/Gold/Red


download (2)




For the banner I used a roll of wrapping paper for the background. The letters I just printed on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper and cut out and glued on!

download (15)

download (4)

download (1)

The stickers on the candles I made. Just printed the design on mailing labels & cut to fit! Candles were from Dolla STO.

download (16)


The framed birthday photo was designed by me. download (17)



Coordinating damask balloons I got off Amazon.  Card box & photo album from Hobby (5)

The tables centerpieces were just a simple little bucket from Hobby Lobby & fresh roses.

download (11)


download (3)download (6)

For the cupcake toppers..I just printed some of my designs on a sheet of paper ( I could fit about 20 on a regular sheet of paper) and took it to Brookshires and asked them to print it on the edible picture cake paper stuff. I cut them out & put on cupcakes myself.

download (7) download (8)

You can’t really tell from the above pic…but the black things are a “G” for her name & a 6 & 0 for sixty. They are the pretty ornate letters from Hobby (9)

Brookshires does AMAZING cakes! They are very affordable too! Sidenote: I actually added the roses down the side of the cake myself because I accidentally messed the icing up while transporting the cake!

download (10)

Plates, cups, punch bowl, table runner, forks, & napkins also from Hobby Lobby.

download (12) download (13) download (14)

I love to use color coordinating balloons on the floor to add a little decoration & really make it feel like a party!

download (18)

Invitation designed by me.

Pink Care Bear 1st Birthday

Birthday Week

Today I am featuring a Pink Care Bear 1st Birthday!

A little back story…

This was Daynie’s 1st Birthday. The party that sparked my obsession!

Her birthday and her party didn’t really ever cross my mind. But a couple months before she turned one…I had a dream. YES. Fo reals. I had a dream that she was a pink care bear at her first birthday. I have absolutely NO clue where it came from. But the next day I decided to just google “pink care bear birthday” and see what came up. I found EVERYTHING.  Straight up PINK CARE BEAR 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY SUPPLIES.


And then.

Then I got on Ebay.

And the ideas started going wild.

I unleashed a hidden talent obsession I didn’t know I even had.

This was about 8 years ago.

Holy Moly I just said EIGHT!




Nine years ago..

Basically my only form of computer & internet was my work computer & DIAL UP.

.I did not have party blogs to stalk. PINTEREST for ideas.


Just me & ebay.

And we got along mighty fine.

I got the shock of my life when I found this Pink Care Bear costume on eBay.


Betta believe there was no way I was ganna be outbid on that baby!

It was fate really.

I still have that costume tucked away in a box.

I also found her a pink care bear water baby on ebay for her present…it was kinda like this..but had the dark pink double heart bear costume on…like Daynie is wearing.



And yes…I still have the baby to this day 🙂

So…this was really the days before digital cameras, cell phones, & all that jazz…

So umm.. yeah…

Anyway…THAT is why all these pics are OF PICS….from an old fashioned scrapbook . Pictchas taken with a vintage disposable camera & processed at my local one hour Walmart photo lab.



And like I said…this was before I had cool photo editing software to make kickass invites in.

So I also did her invitations the old school way…scrapbook paper & an inkjet printer.

BOOYAH! Take THAT technology!



I might have had a teeny tiny obsesh with vellum in those days.



We actually had her party an hour away from where we lived.  We worked and Daynie went to daycare in the town next where the party was….and I wanted to have it somewhere close to there so her “friends” from school would come. And they did 🙂




This was the entrance. 20130426-095437.jpg



I set up her one year old pics, a guest book, some baby pics, & a few little deco.20130426-095455.jpg




I used some of her toys out in the middle of the room for the babies to play on!20130426-095536.jpg




This is where ebay fed my creativity! I found soooo much awesome stuff!

Of course it might seem weird to have poker at a 1 year old’s party…but c’mon folks..the guys gotta have SOME kinda fun!





I found every single one of these games on ebay. They were all used of course but in great condition! The poker chips were new though….they were actually chocolate!




This is the cake I made. One of the FIRST cakes I ever decorated!


This cake Walmart did. I knew I wanted her photos on it…One taken each month her first year…but Walmart totally jacked the cake up by adding the freakin white frosting around every picture. Ugh!

See that little sippy cup…we still have it!!








I also still have the #1 care bear candle that was on her cake.

And the bib. Yeah…I might be a bit of a memory keepin freak.





Gramp Grampa & Daynie.20130426-095956.jpg


Daddy & Daynie.20130426-095940.jpg



Grandmamma & Daynie. This is one of my fav pics.





And here is Miss Priss now! It’s crazy how fast time goes by!


#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAAA part two-Destination: Houston

Friday, March 29-

Me & some of muh favs tagged along on these guy’s road trip…



For ya know…moral support.

Top Left: The Bee, Top Right: Aunt Babe, Bottom Right: LeeAnn

Top Left: The Bee, Top Right: Aunt Babe, Bottom Right: LeeAnn

Besides..who wouldn’t want to hang with us? We’re awesome! Hippie Santa & Gnomie My Homie totally get that & practically begged us to go!

Aunt Babe

Aunt Babe

Of course the littles tagged along too.


Bi-products of our awesomeness…the little’s awesome levels are of epic proportion.




The white chariot needed a bath:



We stopped along the way for some awesome photo ops with the guys…


When I got back in the car from taking the above shot…muh girls were on the phone with this guy:


OMG!!! I about died!!  I hadn’t talked to him since around the time we graduated high school in 2001!!!

A little back story…he’s a precious, genuine, angel of a guy. He’s also a jokester & completely hilarious! One of my favorite friends from high school! We used to sit together on long band trips & he would sing to me! Grandma’s Feather Bed was my FAV song!  Btw-He totally knows who I am in the video. There’s only so many Nina’s around! Besides…I’m pretty unforgettable duh!

Please excuse the crazy country accent.

Shameless Selfies….


We made it!!

It only took us SEVEN hours to make a FOUR hour trip!




Look who I ran into at Pappasitos??


The babies were sooo hungry!

118 119

Have you ever seen triangle crayons? Awesome.

Who says crayons have to be round? Take that Crayola!!

120 121 122 123

Hippie Santa was chowin down on some chips & hot sauce.


These singing guitar guys were awesome!



These guys may have had a few too many…


The next day was Little Man’s B-Day…so ya know we had to get him some mexican birthday love!


There birthday song cracked me up a little bit…I mean it’s kinda cool when they say “we’re famous for our margaritas & so much more” unless it’s to a six year old!


The girls totally jacked his birthday grub.



On the way back to the hotel we turned up our jams & rocked out!


At the hotel the race was ON to push the coveted elevator button!




We all were excited to finally get to get comfy & relax! We also added some last minute touches to our awesome Color Me Rad attire!


Yes those are his pajamas. Isn’t he the most adorable little spiderman EVER???

photo (11)

This is how the girl’s started out sleeping…



Obvs I’m the cool mom that let’s this happen.

I guess it wasn’t as awesome as Daynie thought bc I felt her sleeping at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night.

The next morning I got a wake up text from Aunt Babe!


Stay tuned for Part 3!  It’s EPIC!!!

Can’t wait?? You can check out a few sneaky peaky’s by following me on Instagram & searching #roadtrippity



American Girl Party & a GIVEAWAY!!





Last Saturday (Feb 2) was Daynie Muffin’s 8th Birthday! EIGHT people!! Where does the time go??

I decided to surprise her with a trip to the American Girl store to pick out her very own doll!

I rounded up some fun friends & made it a girls trip!



I wish muh girl over at busy bee + the beard could have made the trip too!


That’s okay…we have some road trips on the horizon with Hippie Santa & the Gnomester.


We strategically packed up my white chariot..& hit the road!


Continue reading

Happy 8th Birthday to my Angel Muffin!


While these sweet girls were sleeping… This happened:


A surprise for Daynie to wake up to! Simple but Fun decorations and a trail of balloons leading to her presents.


She was excited!


These were her two presents from her friend & a couple little ones from us. Her real present was a surprise for later in the day!

First they were off to twirl!



While this mamma was off to get her pedi on!


Then hippie Santa & I got the car washed…


Then I headed back to the twirl clinic for show offs!


AND THEN it was time to head home for her birthday surprise’

When we got home she was surprised by 3 of her friends & they told her we would be roadtrippin it to the American Girl store in Dallas!


And they had a blast!


Stay tuned! American Girl partaay post to come!

Happy B Day muh baby girl!!

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