10/16 And I begin again…

Today I began yet another diet. So I guess you could say this is the second first day of the rest of my life. ha!

At least I stuck to one thing…not starting a diet on a Monday!

So..It’s been almost a month since I have done ANY dieting.

Fat ain’t cute Honey Boo Boo. I don’t care watcha mamma says…A little paint on the old barn can’t help that shit.

If you’ve read my blog for awhile..or at least since the beginning of my diet start (not my 1st diet start..my life is a never ending diet start…just my 1st documented diet start)  then you have watched me go through my full cycle or normal diet failure.  I start strong. Strong willed. Strong minded. Strong disciplined. Then backslide after backslide & start over & over..then I just give up & binge for a few weeks until I start yet another total diet failure cycle. In the end I ALWAYS end up gaining more weight back then when I started. No shocker that that’s what happened this time too.  I’ve gained almost 10 lbs back. I only lost eight to begin with 🙁

I started at 275.0  and I’m up by 1.4 lbs 276.4

I got a whole bunch of ViSalus flavor packets from a church friend a couple weeks ago…and I had a half a package of the shake mix from back when me & Danny did the shakes.

So..I decided to take a go at it again.

This morning I tried the orange packet in the shake mix. It was ok. I really need to make my stuff colder somehow. I went to the doc for a shot & ran threw Bodacious for 4 oz of chopped beef for lunch. Then mid afternoon I made a shake w/ a chocolate flavor pack. It was ok too.

I don’t know really where I’m going with this diet…just try to do the shakes 2-3 times a day..& if I eat anything..make it only lean meat limited to 5 oz a day. I’m going to the store today to see what I can find in low carb/cal/fat snacks & shakes that will add more protein to my diet. One thing I have learned over time is the more protein I eat the less hungry I am.

Absolutely no cokes….not even diet.  Need to train myself to like healthier stuff.

Wish me luck as I begin this whole process yet again…


So when you’re all seein me & like Ohmygod beckey..look at her butt..it is soo big.

Remember I’m a person w/ a struggle. Saya little prayer for me.






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