Fifty Pound Post


After two months of struggling to hit the 50 lbs lost mark….I FINALLY did it!

For pretty much the last two months I have been up and down up and down..between the same 5 lbs.

Well yesterday…Thursday April 4, 2013…I FINALLLLLLY broke 50!!!

Here’s some comparison pics:

50 lb post


Measurement 276


Measurement 226


This pic I like to refer to as “Fifty Pound Face” b/c that’s the difference in 50 lbs ya’ll.


Face 50

Meet my random scale.

Last week….

Monday March 25733

Tuesday March 26753

Wed March 27


Thursday March 28833


Friday March 29, 2013

photo (94)


See how it’s up down up down like a dang ol roller coaster! ugh!

That’s how it’s pretty much been for the last TWO MONTHS!!!!

It’s a combination of plateau & halfway eating good/bad/good/bad.

And FRIDAY…SOOOO close to the 50 lb mark (226.4)!!!!!

Last weekend was a big ol party…and the scale showed it on Monday…

Monday April 1, 2013

photo (96)

Tuesday April 2, 2013

photo (97)

Wednesday April 3, 2013

photo (98)


Thursday April 4, 2013

photo (93)



The scale this week went down each day! AND AND ¬†ANNNNND….

I got under the 50 LB mark!!!!

What did I do?

Cut out bread & sugar….tried to eat only meat, eggs, salad….lots of protein.

And I ran my fat ass around the track.


5o pound post coming tomorrow…complete with befo & after pics!



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