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My mantle is pretty plain jane.

I’ve never been crazy about my brick on my house OR my fireplace. I always wanted to rock the whole daggum thing (the fireplace that is) w/ a beautiful dark stone. aNd replace that fugly mantle.

So…if you are wondering what’ sup w/ our fam pic…it’s those stinkin elves!

Elf Shmelf!

The photo above is from ChristmasTIME 2011- jus a lil snapshot of those elves in action.

So yeah…we left their artwork. Lazy? Eh.

Seriously the kids love to tell all about it when someone asks what is up w/ that piCtcha. Guess I’m a cool mom like that…ya know…letting the aftermath of the elves stick around all year as a reminder to my kids that I’m a cool mom of what the elves did and that they are always watching.


Did my cool N E WAYZ slang send you on a flashback to these dayz……?

I thought so 🙂 You’re welcome.

So…here’s anotha fo yo motha:

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