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Today I’m linking up to Kelly’s Korner Blog for this weeks Show Us Your Life.

I love my dining room! I love my hoWse!  I love how open it is to the kitchen & living room…it’s like one huge room! I am not a fan of the back in the day grandma style totally fine china set up but don’t touch completely separate room kind of dining rooms.

I had been looking online since we moved in for a counter height table that I liked to fill this space…when at a Sunday School class party at someone’s house I saw this one. I was like…oh I LOVE this table, I’ve been looking for one like it since we moved in! And they were all…oh my gosh really! we have been trying to sell this one! it’s too big for our house. and then I’m all like…really? how crazy!  and they sold it to me for like $200 bucks! Absolutely nutso how that all worked out! And even crazier..the girl who sold it to me…her dad built my house! We bought it from her sister! All before I ever even knew any of them! The people who sold me the table that is. I still don’t know the dad & sister..although I may or may not have done a little Facebook stalking to see what the family who we bought the house from looked like. Ooohh…those were the days! My Facebook days that is! ha ha! Over 6 months without FB now & counting! A personal FB that is. I deactivated it in Dec 2011 and haven’t looked back! I just recently started a fan page on FB…but all I can do is post…I can’t see who has liked it or any of their statuses/pages/posts. A LOT less drama that way. Keep life simple. That’s what I say.

Anyhoo…haha! Back to the task at hand…showing you my dining room!

So..we bought the table for a crazy good deal! Then Danny & I went to Lack’s a few months later when they were going out of business and got the bench seat and two more chairs for the table…And that’s where I found my beautiful hutch! Something I also had been looking EVERYWHERE for! It is distressed black and has a light inside that comes on by touching the hinges of the door! It has three different light settings to dim it.

The bottom part has kind of become a catch all…I need to clean it up a bit.

My whole dining room is filled with pictures and items from my wedding. A found this picture online at Kohls:

and then stopped in at a Kohl’s in the DFW area and got it on sale! I still paid way more than I would ever pay for deco…but I had a vision! Ha! I planned my whole wedding..colors and theme..around this pic..and the reason is I planned on using it all in my house. I couldn’t see spending all that time & money on the things for my wedding..and then only using them that ONE day….so I planned it so it would all go well in my house! I know, I know, the awesomeness that oozes out of me is epic!

The metal pitcher on the left in the pics above is also from Kohls…I bought it when I first moved into my house..almost a year before I started planning my wedding!

The tree to the right in the pic above I made. I found many wire/ bead trees like it on Etsy & Ebay but they were all over $150. So I skipped on down to one of my favs..Hobby Lobby! Gathered the goods I needed to make it..and ran home to put it together made it on the way to Arkansas for our wedding! Ha! I used it as the cake topper! It’s looking a bit pitiful at the moment. LoL

I found the above framed print design on Etsy. I used it on pretty much everything..

A few of the things: Invite, candles for guests, and the bottom right pic in the white chocolate with the design on it. I had this on the plates at each setting. These are all things currently in my hutch.

This is what is on the wall to the right of that big Kohl’s picture:

The candle (and there are more in my hutch) was from Burkes Outlet, The flowers from Hobby Lobby, the birch wood vase was off Etsy, and the canvas from Winkflash when they had a big sale.

The inside of my hutch:

You can see my bouquet on the top left. Ring bearer pillow-top middle. Flower girl basket (made out of twigs & it’s gorgeous) top right. The cake topper that was on groom’s cake-bottom right and to the left of that a pic of us from prom & homecoming. And all the dishes & wine glasses we used at the wedding. We actually got the dishes from Target when we moved in to our house (some we bought some were housewarming gifts) and the wine classes were from Wal-Mart (my friend Dona bought them for us for our wedding)

Some pics on the walls in the dining room…

The canvas where our kids are looking up at us while we are saying our vows…has got to be my all time favorite photo from our wedding! We had a fabulous photographer! Roxy Creative Photography

The kids also have a little school shelf I added last summer to hold their tag books, workbooks,  art stuff, and boxes that have their ds, leapsters,& leappads.


my FAV part of the dining room! My Craft Closet!

It’s walk through 🙂

Don’t BE jealous!


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6 thoughts on “Show Us Your Life – Show us Your Dining Rooms

  1. LOVE that birch vase, how stinkin’ caaauuute! look at you girl, the blog looks AMAZING! I see you got your Amazon thing goin, I’m definitely gonna do that, too. 🙂

  2. I’m stopping by via Kelly’s Korner.
    You have a wonderful room to entertain and enjoy delicious meals.
    My favorites are the hutch and that amazing closet! Great job.

  3. Where to even start, you have great taste! I love the idea of implementing wedding decor to work as home decor after the big day! What a novel idea! I love the color scheme and that closet is amazing!

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