Whatcha wanna know

A few things…

I’m a mom (in case you couldn’t use the context clues of the blog adress to figure that one out)

I am a Christian…but not the Bible thumping overly critical judging kind. Just a child of God trying to live life who messes up a whole lot but it’s all good bc I am forgiven.

Sometimes I cuss.

This blog radiates MY awesomeness & I will run it how I want to. Haters can hate. Don’t read.

Chiclephobia sufferer.

I’ve been on a never ending weight loss journey for…my whole flippin life.

I’m a pretty good at anything I dabble in…but my brain isn’t satisfied with hanging out with the same thing too long…so I’m pretty much all over the place…enjoy the ride.

I love photography, do it yoselfs, trying to cook things that are edible, & funny blogs.

I love to throw elaborate over the top parties..b/c it lets me ooze my creativity.

I also create custom photo invitations, announcements, & holiday cards. Check it.

I also sell my kids stuff on BookFace.


4 thoughts on “Whatcha wanna know

  1. I totally downloaded the Couch to 25K app about four months ago! Now that I am one week away from being 40! And one ice cream sandwich away from being 220! I need to start this. I want to wear the clothes that make you feel hot and sexy! I too have not exercised for many eons. Have the oxygen ready.

    • I am still at 227 & when I started this last week I couldn’t even make it a whole 60 sec jog. And by the 3rd time I was supposed to jog…my body was like..oh hell no. So I had to walk the rest of the time. But yesterday I started it again…and I could jog the whole 60 sec the first time…and ALMOST the second time. So I know I will be able to to do more & more each time. Girl..Suck it up & do it! It SUCKS!! But you feel so much better after…and when you finally make it a 60 sec jog..feel ACCOMPLISHED!!!

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