#roadtrippity the most awesomely epic road trip EVAAAA part three-Birthday for the History Books

We started out the day with making the kids read from the Bible for 45 min before they could eat breakfast. We’re hard core Bible thumpers like that.

J/K people J freakin K.

…I don’t know why but they thought it was the coolest thing that there is a Bible in every hotel room. I came out from getting dressed and they were reading from it. It really gives me the warm & fuzzies  that they have a heart for Jesus.192

We all got our rad attire on & headed downstairs to stuff our faces.194

Well…maybe just a quick photo sesh.195

We did two fun things with the shirts:

ONE…on the front we used letters cut out of duct tape to make the names. The idea was…when our shirts are splattered with paint…we peel off the letters & our name will be in white. It worked FABULOUS by the way.  Ahem…I wonder whose genius idea that was. Ohhh jeah…..it was this crafty mamma’s right here.

TWO: on the back we used hashtags to describe us & then of course the hashtag #roadtrippity….everything we uploaded to Instagram had that hashtag so we could all follow each other’s pics. AND if anyone at the race was like…man they are soo cool, I needta know more…they could totally check out us on Instagram by searching our hashtag.

196 203 205 219

We ate breakfast at the hotel.

Let me start off by saying…I have eaten a lot of breakfast at a lot of hotels. This was by far the WORST breakfast I have ever had. The MOST expensive. And had the WORST waitresses.  They had a buffet out..and the website said that kid’s eat free. AFTER we had gotten our plates & sat down…the waitresses decided to tell us that the kids ONLY eat free if they order off the menu. When I argued a little bit they finally said…ok well the two smaller kids can eat  free but not the older (mind you the younger two are both 6 and Daynie JUST turned 8.) When we questioned them as to why they would allow two and not the other…they responded (RIGHT in front of the kids) well…obviously they are smaller so they won’t eat as much as her (Daynie) This was one hot mamma! Let’s just say their attitudes were as nasty as the food & they did NOT get a tip.

Anyhoo…Hippie Santa & Gnomie My Homie seemed to enjoy their cardboard pastries.

225 226 227

This is Reliant Stadium (where the race was) from our hotel.228 229

The hotel had a shuttle we hopped on to Reliant Park.232 233

This one’s goin on the wall:235


You like my rainbow peacock feather headband?? The Bee found them at Family Dolla. That dolla make me holla honey boo boo child!  LOVE us some dolla stores!280

Here’s some hard core runners stretching.282

Group pic…notice the photobombers behind us. Whetev freaks. Ok actually I love it.284

These two ready to do work. Daynie is totally rockin the fanny pack.285

Me & my oldest best friend LeeAnn!  We be knowin each other since way back in da day!286

The best sista-n-law evaaaa….Aunt Babe!287

Me & the Bee….Oh how I heart her! 288

We just jive ya know.289

Hashtag tees:

292 291


294 293


297 295

299 298300 301 302

The girls looked sooo flippin cute! Their headbands & sunglasses were also from Family Dolla. The rainbow herrr was from Wally World.311 312

There were so many folks out. The day was GORGEOUS!314

We were waiting our turn…they would let about a hundred people go at a time.316 318 321

These two were SO STOKED!324

They stopped the start line right in front of us after they let a group go. So we were at the beginning!326

Looking back at the crowd behind us.330 331

Doing the wave.332 333

This guy saw Garridon’s shirt & asked him how old he was. With the most serious face ever Garridon replied as serious as can be, “I’m seven”  I was behind him shaking my head and saying, “No, he’s six”

G does this pretty regular. He is a clone of his dad & can do that kinda stuff at the drop of a dime. He told a little girl at a bday party last month that he was four. He also told a coach once that he was 16. He also likes to reply with “I’m a senior in high school” when asked what grade he is in.  It takes people by surprise & they crack up at his seriousness.


The guy got a good chuckle & told Garridon that he was ten. G said…you are too big to be 10. They guy said….that’s what happens when you eat your vegetables. I like that guy.335

Not sure how the Announcer Guy caught wind it was Garridon’s B-Day…but he walked over & asked him his name…that’s when I took this pic:336

Then I switched to video & I’m soooo glad I did b/c the next thing that happened was PURE AWESOMENESS.

338 339 340


Stay tuned b/c next week’s post will be all about our color bomb diggity fun & it may or may not start out with a hilariously embarrassing video of me having a minor freak out.

Don’t forget you can check out our pics on Instagram by following me & searching #roadtrippity




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